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Originally Posted by BabyMaybe917 View Post
I agree with atomicpink. Everyday is so important. I ignored "cramps" at 19w6d until I had a bleed and realized they were contractions a few hours later. I was in ptl. Fast forward to 25w3d (all the time in between on meds and bedrest) I had some minor cramps again and decided to go in again. They were less painful contractions than the first time but at 25w5d my baby was born. It may not be the case for everyone but I bought my baby girl an extra almost 6 weeks by trusting my instincts. My Dr reassured me every visit that's what they're there for.
I've been following this thread and your post really hit home with me.. I've been experiencing cramping and irregular contractions since 18 weeks and I always think I'm overreacting. Your story just goes to show how important it is to literally 'go with your gut'... so thanks for the advice.

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Originally Posted by AtomicPink View Post
Well I thought I should make a thread about preterm labour. It is actually quite common and should anyone here suspect that they might be having it than there's some information here that could help. I didn't think it could happen to me but it did. So ladies please if you ever feel like something is off go see your doctor right away!!

What is Preterm Labor?
Preterm labor is usually defined as having regular contractions and dilation of your cervix before the 37th week of your pregnancy. This can either be done deliberately by your health care provider due to a pregnancy complication that you or your baby have developed, or it could be spontaneous.

Risk Factors
There are many different factors that can influence your chances of going into preterm labor. Some that can be controlled by you include:

Alcohol use
Drug abuse
Inadequate weight gain
Inadequate nutrition
Eliminating the ones that apply to you will give your baby the best chances of being carried to term (between 38 and 42 weeks). Other risk factors for preterm labor include:
Gum infection
Heavy physical labor
Hormonal imbalance
Incompetent cervix or premature cervical effacement and dilation
Uterine irritability
Placenta previa
Chronic maternal illness such as high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney disease, or diabetes
Extreme emotional illness
Under age seventeen
Over age thirty-five
Structural abnormalities of the uterus or large fibroids
Multiple gestations
Fetal abnormality
History of premature deliveries

How do You Know if You are Experiencing a Preterm Labor?
Preterm labor is a very serious complication of pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women do not understand the signs of preterm labor. Early detection can help prevent premature birth and possibly enable you to carry your pregnancy to term or to give your baby a better chance of survival. If you experience any of the below signs or symptoms, be sure to contact your health care provider immediately:

-An increase of vaginal discharge especially a sudden gush of clear watery fluid from your vagina
-Spotting or bright red blood from your vagina
-Menstrual like cramping or more than 5 contractions in an hour
-Increase in pressure in the pelvic area
-Low back pain or pressure, or a change in the nature of lower backache
-Swelling or puffiness of the face or hands
-Painful urination, signifying urinary tract, bladder or kidney infection
-Acute or continuous vomiting
-Intense pelvic pressure

How Can You Prevent Preterm Labor?
One of the first things that your practitioner will tell you to do if you are having contractions is staying very well hydrated. What happens with dehydration is that the blood volume decreases, therefore increasing the concentration of oxytocin (hormone that causes uterine contractions) to rise. Hydrating yourself will increase the blood volume. Others things that you can do would be:

-Pay attention to signs and symptoms of infections (bladder, yeast, etc.)
-Keeping all of your appointments with your practitioner and calling whenever you have questions or symptoms. A lot of women are afraid of jumping to conclusions but it is much better to be incorrect than to be in preterm labor and not be treated. Also, be sure to follow your practitioner’s recommendations as to limitations on strenuous activity, including sexual intercourse and hours spent on the job
-Getting good dental care
-Avoiding smoking, cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs not prescribed by your doctor
-Get tested for any infections, especially those of the genital tract

This being said, not all preterm births can be avoided, since not all are due to preventable risk factors.

How is Preterm Labor Treated?
The best key is always prevention and early detection. Make sure to ask your practitioner to discuss the signs and symptoms of preterm labor to you and your partner at your next visit. Prompt medical treatment is aimed at halting or postponing premature labor. Some of the treatments involved with preterm labor include:
-Hydration (Oral or IV)
-Bed rest (Home or Hospital), usually left side lying, limitations on sexual intercourse
-Medications. These are used either to stop labor, to prevent infection or to help your baby’s lung develop more quickly in preparation for the birth. Drugs that relax the uterus (tocolytic agents) may be administered to stop contractions.
-Evaluation of your baby (Biophysical profile, non-stress or stress tests, amniotic fluid volume index (AFI), ultrasound, etc.)

If the mother and/or child are in imminent danger from illness or other problems, no attempt is made to prevent labor and child is delivered.
This is wonderfully informative. I am almost 35 weeks with a baby boy and have been having what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions for a couple of weeks now. I went to an appt with my OBGYN yesterday and mentioned those and "nether region" pain/aching. She checked me right then and found out that I am 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. Naturally she put me off work (I'm a CNA in a hospital). My baby already has issues with Hydronephrosis (kidney dialation) and I had pneumonia a couple of months ago. Wish I'd found this post earlier. Full of good info!

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I have been having cramping on since wee hours of the morning lasting a few minutes nd then coming back about an hour later, and my back is killing me and last week I had a uti and my doctor thinks its back, and I have been feeling more wet than normal and it's clear and watery. This is my second 1 and my first one was perfect, and normal.

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Originally Posted by Iverson33103 View Post
I have been having cramping on since wee hours of the morning lasting a few minutes nd then coming back about an hour later, and my back is killing me and last week I had a uti and my doctor thinks its back, and I have been feeling more wet than normal and it's clear and watery. This is my second 1 and my first one was perfect, and normal.
I would always suggest seeing a midwife or doctor if you are worried - and dont waste time worrying about it - time is important

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I've found this thread very helpful to me personally. As a first time expectant parent, I have a ton of fears and worries when it comes to my baby. I am currently 28 weeks and experiencing some symptoms that has been worrying me.

-Cramping in lower stomach. About 3-5 times per hour estimated.
-Mild to severe lower back pain that moves into upper back, shoulders, and ribs.
-Increase in discharge that looks more cloudy and discolored.
-Mild to severe pelvic pressure/pain
-Vaginal soreness and discomfort.

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dreamastarr22 have you spoken to a professional with those concerns?

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This thread is really useful, I think it has a lot of important information in it that a lot of women could benefit from. Would it be possible to add it as a sticky thread in the 2nd and 3rd tri pregnancy forums as well as here?

I only found it whilst extensively searching the forum and know if I was having any queries about pre-term labour the pregnancy forums are where I would head!

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We only permit a few stickies in each section, (it becomes overload otherwise) but this part of the forum will always be available if someone finds themselves needing to ask questions.

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Wish id read this post in my pregnancy.

I had two episodes of reduced movment and bleeding from 34 weeks to 35 weeks. I was also having intense braxton hicks a lot of he time. Midwife appointment on the Thursday at 36 weeks bang on she said "oh i dont think this baby will be much longer" ... i had what i thought was braxton hicks on the monday night but they stopped after a bath. 2am tuesday morning my waters went and i didnt get a single contraction before between 9pm to 2.30am when my waters went. If my waters hadnt have gone i wouldnt know i was in labour.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I had a weird persistent pain on my lower left side that kind of reminded me of ovulation pain. I could sleep through it no problem but it was still there in the morning. Went to get checked at 8am and had my little boy at 8pm that night at 34+2. Any weird feelings and you should get checked! Maybe if I went a little earlier they could have stopped me from dialating

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