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Preemie clothes

I am sure this has probably been asked before but I have been told my twins will most likely be born before 34 weeks and I am trying to decided how many preemie outfits I should have. I found a good sale this weekend but don't want to get too much if they won't wear them much.

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I'd honestly hang fire on serious shopping until you know better what gestation they'll arrive at... my late 33 weeker was right on the boundary between Early and Tiny Baby clothes when she arrived - didn't get much wear at all out of the smaller stuff, but got a good month+ out of some of the Tiny Baby sized things - but by all accounts she was a good weight for her gestation, and even then, quite a long-limbed baby.

First few days if they're in incubators they'll only be in nappies anyway.

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Don't invest in too much preemie clothes. Like dizz said, in the NICU they will be in just diapers in warming beds or incubators for a while anyway. By the time my 33 weeker was in a regular basennete in the NICU, preemie clothes barely fit and by the time she came home a week later, she was fitting in newborn size clothes. I did end up needing quite a bit of newborn clothes though and had to go out and buy them, I'd say she was in that size for a good month before she started to fit into the 0-3 stuff. Preemie clothes I think are only for up to 8 lbs. at the most (might even be 6 lbs.), so they're super tiny.

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