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Scary week! :-(

Hello Ladies,

I am from the 2nd trimester forum, but have had a scary week and just needed some advice really.

Was admitted to hospital last Thursday with very painful stomach cramps. Turns out I was having contractions. I was only released yesterday after staying there for 6 days.

Also had a test done and I have a 1 in 4 chance of delivering in the next two weeks. I am only 26 weeks pregnant so will be giving birth just under 3 months prematurely.

Just wanted to ask if anyone here has had this happen to them, and the outcome.

I'm really scared. We have had a nightmare three months already (my mother died 14 December, two days later we found out we were 1:40 risk of having Downs, had to have an Amnio a few days after that which thankfully came back negative, pains in January and Feb, and we have still yet to set a date for my mothers funeral due to all the complications I seem to be having).

Sorry really just needed to rant and feel sorry for myself. Really think I'm jinxed

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My story went a little different from your expeirence. But hopefully some of the other ladies will be able to share their expereince, but i do know those test are not all that reliable they often give a false positive, so i would not worry about the 2 week labor test to o much. GL

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What test did you have? Positive FFNs are very unreliable. I had 4 positives in my second pregnancy from 22 weeks and we went overdue. Lots of things can cause positives, recent sex is one of them, but there are still unknown things that cause positives that are being researched. A negative result is more realible. I hope my story brings you some hope!

Our first baby was a 27 weeker and we never used FFN tests

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nicola ttc
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I was admitted last week due to contracting/bleeding too. I also had a positive fibronectin (ffn) but not worrying about it at all as i know any changes in the cervix (like if you've had an internal exam or ANY bleeding - even the tiniest amount, or recent sex) will produce a positive result.
Have you been given steroids for babys lungs?
I've had steroids and had a drip and patch to stop contractions and all seems calm now.
Hope everything has settled for you now too and baby stays put for quite a while yet!!

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Thank you for your responses :-)

Yes it was the FFN test which tested positive. We hadn't had sex for 2 weeks so that couldn't have messed it up unfortunately.

I did have steroid injections whilst in hospital, and was also put on a drip to stop the contractions. I am currently on Nifedipine which I have to take twice a day to keep my uterus relaxed.

I guess it's just the waiting game now, but I am hopeful after reading some of the messages and responses I've got x

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All the best dear and so sorry you've been through so much this last few months.x

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No advice here just wanted to wish you luck, sorry you've been through so much lately!

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