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Is it normal to take 1 step forward 3 steps back??

Ok I had my son 11 days ago at 28 weeks 6 days, he was initial 2lbs 6oz in weight, was put on ventilator for 24 hours, followed by cpap for a further 12.

He didnt like cpap at all and came off everything within 36 hours and was breathing all in his own.

He was weighed at day 2 and had weighed 2lb

About 3 days ago he started having a lot of brady's and desaps and could see he was getting tired.

His next weighing was at day 6 and he put on 8grams

His weighing on day 9 he put on 38grams.

Doctors have decided to out him back on cpap to build his strength and allow him to get the support off cpap whilst he grows.

My question is is it normal to take 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I feel like he's done do well and I'm scared

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Hi, I totally relate to this so conclude that yes it is probably normal. My little boy was born 30 weeks 5 days on March 15th. He started on CPAP then the ventilator, then a mixture, back on CPAP then now on the vent again. Phew, it's exhausting especially when all you want is some progress and he seems to go back and forth. I hope this is some comfort to you and the nurses will see it all the time I'm sure, time is a great healer as they say. Good luck to you and the little one and hopefully we can share some lovely stories in the near future.

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Yes, it's completely normal.

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Very normal hun. J was on vent for 15 hours, then on CPAP for 7 weeks, so goign back to it is VERY normal hun *hugs*. You will get there, and the going backwards sometimes is sadly very typical

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One step forward three steps back is entirely normal for NNICU. But as time goes on the steps forward get bigger and the steps back subside.

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So normal!!! I know it is frustrating now but you find that the steps forward become leaps while the steps backward start to get smaller. It took my little one (born at a little over 23 weeks) 3 tries to get off the ventilator and on c-pap, 2 tries to get from c-pap to high flow etc. The weight gain will fluctuate too. He will gain a huge amount then drop a bit.

Trust your NICU staff and do not be afraid to ask them a million questions

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Very very normal! As the PP have said, it does steadily get better the more time passes. Respiratory, weight gain, etc seem to have a constant tug of war.

My son went home on a monitor (which we are still on) for apnea and brady's, and its similar at home, 1 step forward, 2 back.

Congrats on the birth of your little boy it sounds like he is doing wonderfully!

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Welcome to the emotional roller coaster that is known as the NICU.

I'm sorry you're there!

What you are experiencing Is very, very normal. One day everything is great, and the next, it all goes to hell.

Just hang in there! Your LO won't be there forever. It will all come together in time and before you know it, it will just be a bad memory.

Congrats on your new little bundle of joy!

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