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1st baby preemie, what about 2nd+ baby?

If you had a preemie baby the first time around, did you go early with subsequent pregnancies?

With my DS I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks (although luckily kept him in til 35wks). No explanation was found as to why it happened.

I'm pregnant again and really wanting a home birth, but a bit apprehensive as you can't safely do that with a preemie. Term I can do, heck, I'm fine with 42 weeks (I say that now haha).

What gestational age did you have your babies?

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I have no idea! The wife of a colleage just gave birth to their second child at 29 weeks. The 1st was also born at 29 weeks although I do not know why.

My 1st was born 4 days late and I am 24 weeks with this one and went into preterm labour 10 days ago. Hoping I can keep him/her inside for as long as possible.

They say every pregnacy is different, don't they?!

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I went into labor with my 1st at 28.3 weeks, and gave birth to him 3 days later. My second was born at 35 weeks (I was on weekly progesterone injections and had frequent cervical scans). I imagine I would have gone to term if other precautions were taken.

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We were lucky to have a full term baby after our 27weeker, again it depends on factors like why your preemie came early. We don't know why.

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We know why my preemie came early (incompetent cervix) so if I were to have a second pregnancy, it's almost guaranteed the same thing would happen without taking some more invasive measures (like having a surgery abdominally that would sew my cervix shut at the very top).

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mine have all been later preemies so may be different.
Jack - waters went 27 weeks..induced at 36weeks (6lb 11oz + home within 48hrs)
Ethan- waters leaked 25weeks, went 27.5 weeksish and delivered 34 weeks (5lb 2oz + 11day scbu stay)
Poppy- waters leaked 23weeks, went at 28weeks and delivered 35weeks via emcs (5lb 4oz + home within 24hrs of being on theatre operating table!)

It can be a scary decision to have another, but if you go ahead we are all here to hold your hand and offer support xxx

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I had a 32+5 first due to preeclampsia. my second was a boy, and had him at 41 weeks but my third was born at 31 weeks. he was much more poorly and I found it much harder to stabise with him than the first. I have some long-term issues as a result of his arrival and we now won't be risking any more.


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My first was also born at 35+weeks (PPROM). I was hoping for a home birth with my second too, but she didn't make it to term either. She arrived at 36+ weeks, so I was less than a week from getting a home birth. In the end I have 2 healthy kiddos and that's all I really care about, so am fine with my hospital birth. If I got pregnant again (very unlikely) then I would plan for a home birth again, but still have the alternate plan in case (that's what we did last time).

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History: pPROM and preterm labor.. now incompetent cervix

1st- Part of my water broke at 29 weeks and was in active labor, finally stopped it and got to go home after a month. Was induced at 41weeks.

2nd-High risk pregnancy- placenta started tearing off (11 weeks), dilation and leaking at 25 weeks, gave birth at 35w5d

Current pregnancy- 15 weeks, external cervix is opened and very low, see specialist soon. Having issues with incompetent cervix.

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My first was born at 35+3, my second was born at 35+5 and my third was born at 39 so each one is different, good luck xx

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