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baby rice?

My twin boys were born at 34 weeks. They are now 17 weeks old and are on 4-6 ounces of aptamil comfort milk every 3-4 hours. They wont take a bigger feed but seem unsettled sometimes between feeds and dribble and chew on their fists and always watch me eat. I was thinking of trying them on a couple of spoonfuls of baby rice alongside a couple of their feeds in the day too see if this makes them feel settled but my health visitor said to wait until they can sit up in a highchair. I dont want to risk giving them tummy ache by giving them it too early but just wondered if anyone else had the same issues and what did you do? Thanks

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I first gave my daughter rice around 5 months. She preferred oatmeal cereal though. She wasn't sitting in the high chair, she was sitting in a Bumbo. I would maybe try a couple of bites just once a day and see how they take to it. My daughter used to just push it back out at first.

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I would try and see if they'll take a bite or two.

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Dribbling and chewing on fists is a sighn of teething not needing weaning Hun, normal signs of development not signs of wanting food.

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This guide may help, worth reading carefully

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I agree with lozzy21. The hand chewing and drooling are not normally signs of hunger. However, you are the mommy and if you think they are ready for cereal, go ahead and try it. I bottle fed my twins so at about 3 months old I started adding a few spoonfuls of rice cereal to their last bottle of the night so they would be fuller longer and I could get more sleep. They tolerated it wonderfully and I was a much happier mommy with the extra sleep!

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