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My son was a severe case of iugr; at 27 weeks he was the weight of a 22 weeker at 1lb4oz. He just stopped developing due to almost no blood flow. Even that tiny our bodies are amazing; he went into 'survival' mode, shutting down everything but heart and cerebellum development. Because of it iugr babies typically stay on the small side for longer. My son is now 6 and still wears size 3 or 4 clothing; he floats in 5+ heh. He is below 10% for weight and height and was always behind 6-12 months in development even with corrected age. We saw it at all levels: physical, emotional, social, cognitive etc. But he was constantly at the same spot on the charts, at the limits of normal. When I get discouraged I look at his results for children a year younger and he's spot on or ahead so ha :laughs:

What matters is he's a bright, healthy, happy 6 year old who will eventually catch up to his peers, like most preemies it just takes him a bit longer to get there. I get discouraged sometimes as some friends have 4 year olds that are bigger and seem more mature buuut they all develop at their own rythmns preemie or no!

I recall sharing my concerns with his pediatrician because he wasn't walking at 15 months. He casually replied ' will he walk when he goes to school ? Probably ? Then what's the problem, why the rush?' he was rather blunt but right

(yikes sorry for the novel!)

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My grandfather who was born at 1.6lbs is just over 6ft tall and became a VERY sucessful surgeon.

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