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Irritable Uterus Prior to Pre-Term Labour?

Hello, I hope it's okay if I post this question here. I'm curious if any of you had/were diagnosed with an irritable uterus prior to going into pre-term labour? If so, how did things progress? At what point did you realize that it wasn't just an irritable uterus anymore, but the real deal?


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I replied to your thread in second tri, but I'll give you a better idea of what my labors were like:

DS1- developed IU around 29 weeks, and was contracting all the time from that point forward. I went into labor with him at 36+5 weeks and it was pretty obvious that it was labor, because the contractions were more painful and were wrapping around to my lower back.

DS2- started having IU contractions around 8 weeks! I was monitored a little more closely this time, so I know that I started dilating at 32 weeks (1cm). When I went into labor at 34+6, I had no idea if it was the real deal or not. The contractions were a little more painful than normal, but not too bad, and I didn't want to go to L&D for a false alarm. So I checked my cervix and realized that I was 3.5cm dilated, which convinced me I was in labor. Not too long after getting to the hospital, they became painful and obvious labor contractions. He was born the next morning at 35+0 weeks. They sent him to the NICU just in case, but after staying there for 6 hours for observation, they discharged him from the NICU and he left the hospital with me a few days later.

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