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I think it has A LOT to do with how early they are. When my 27 weeker came home they warned us about exposure. With my 34 weeker however it was never brought up. By they I mean the NICU.

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^^ yep no one mentioned anything when I had my 33 weeker

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We treated my 34weeker- 5lbs- (6 days in NICU) like any other newborn. We didn't want to coddle him too much as we needed his immune system to build since he was starting daycare at 6 weeks old. He was born 30 July. Started daycare mid September (start of flu season). He didn't really get sick until he was 4 months, and then he was sick like every other week. It was miserable, but there wasn't much we could do about it. Once he was old enough to get his flu shot he stopped being sick all the time, and then flu season ended and he hasn't been sick in months. Im hoping this flu season is easier since he has already been exposed to daycare

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Well, my baby boy was born at exactly 36 weeks (after 2 weeks of me being in the hospital for bed rest and monitoring). He was a great 6 pounds 10 oz and perfectly healthy - he did have low glucose a couple times but they just gave him some formula and stuck his heal constantly. He's now 2 weeks old and BF like a champ (with a nipple shield).

But as for keeping him "unexposed", I guess it's more out of my control than I thought LOL...the night we brought him home my 2 Y/O started that barking cough indicative of croup took her straight in to the pedi and got meds, but of course the virus went to 2 of the older kids as well! I've been unbelievably viligant about hand washing and separating the baby (my hands are actually peeling from being washed and sanitized so much!) but the baby has stayed healthy so far!
I guess the least of my concerns now visitors, it's the siblings!!! Luckily though we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I think it's all past us now!

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