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Wet diapers and breastfeeding

My 34 weeker just came home a week ago tomorrow. She has been doing good as far as I can tell with nursing. She has a wet diaper with a smear of poop when I change her almost every feeding. Is it safe to assume she's getting enough? She only nurses from one side most times. I try to get her to nurse the other side after a burp and she just falls asleep with no interest. She doesn't cry when she's hungry either and grunts for 20 minutes after I lay her down when she's done eating. I'm finding it hard to read her signals and I'm tempted to get my own scale to weigh her.

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My son whose corrected age is 7 months still only feeds from one side. Like you, I try feeding him from the second boob everytime but he never takes it. His weight gain was on track so the doctors were not worried.

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