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28-30 weekers

I'm just looking to talk to other moms who have had preemies in this range. My cervix shortened when I was 24 weeks and stayed stable for 3 weeks after when they quit checking. So now I am 28 weeks and have been having Braxton Hicks all the time as well as losing some bits that I'm not sure isn't my mucus plug. Its not a given that I will deliver in this time frame, but I just really want to be prepared if it does happen. Any stories/outcomes are welcome.

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Hello! My girls were born at 33+4, so not quite in your range. One spent 16 days in the NICU, growing and feeding. The other needed multiple surgeries and was in for 74 days. A girlfriend of mine had her twins at 30 weeks, and they spent 6 weeks in the NICU. They had no surgeries (except for hernia surgery when they were older), and were only growing and feeding.

I hope this helps.

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My eldest was born at 28 weeks and 6 days. We spent 60 days in the NICU, and had a fairly uneventful time (thankfully). My baby was on oxygen during his entire stay, and did have a Grade I brain bleed, but he suffered no long term effects from it. After the first few weeks, he spent the rest growing and learning how to feed.

He's now 6 years old and a very bright, and healthy little boy! You would never guess he came earlier than he should have.

Good luck! If you need to talk, feel free to PM me.

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