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Hey everyone!

I'm so worried about my 11 week old son! I was induced just before 37 weeks due to him being an IUGR baby and weighed 5lb exactly. He had Polycythemia (thick blood) and was sent down to special care. He was put on a drip for 24hrs to thin it out. After that it was just a case of sorting out his jaundice (double light therapy) and we were sent home.

We had his 8 week check where we were referred to the pediatrician department as they weren't happy with his colour (going really red when stretching, pooing etc). And he wasn't smiling. He has been growing and gaining weight well.

We had the appointment yesterday. They found a heart murmur which was heard mostly in the back. His oxygen levels were also low which was why he has been going so red. They did an echocardiogram where they found an PDA. They didn't say how open it was only that they're referring us to London.

Since then he's been sleeping even more. Only waking for feeds which he doesn't even finish anymore. He's still not smiling.
Has anyone else been through this? So worried for my baby

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