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Preemie mom (pre-e + renal failure) and pregnant again :( help

Hello ladies!

I cant believe Im back in this forum, so many wonderful moms and great support found here with my both of my preemies (Yes, Im a preemie mom twice, maybe going third time now )

I wish I could have saved some numbers, I made some real friends here!

After almost 7 years, here I am (again...)

Long story short:

Matthew - 2008 - 34 weeker - Pre eclampsia.
Yasmin - 2011 - 30 weeker - Pre E + renal failure (yep! 5 weeks bedrest (max dosage meds) + 3 in hospital assisted bedrest and an emergency c-section because my kidneys were failing )

New baby - due june 1st 2018 (40 weeks prayers)
Currently - 9 weeks

Since Yasmin (almost 7 years ago) Ive been having high blood pressure and Ive been treating it!When I got pregnant this time I was put on Nifedipina right away.

BP under control... So far, so good... But a couple days ago my doctor found protein in my urine (AT ONLY NINE WEEKS) I freaked out and cried like crazy!
Saturday ill be visiting High Risk doctor (Ive been there once, we really though we could avoid him this time) and probably a 24hr urine exam Monday...

Please anyone had a similar situation? I know Im crazy being pregnant again, but now I am and Im freaking out, I already love this bean so much, seeing his little heart beat so hard made me stand up and fight again if I have to...

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I know this is an old post but I wanted to check in and see how you went lovely. I hope you made it to term

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