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100 Percent Oxygen??

Elias will be coming home soon! He's eating 80% of his feeds, and will be sent home as soon as he hits 100%. He ate orally for me all night long, and most of the day today too.

He had a couple desats last week and they put him back on oxygen, at 1/13 liter and 100%. Is this normal? Isn't that a bit HIGH? He was on 21% before on 1/2 a liter. They're expecting him to come home on oxygen now because he breaths too fast sometimes, and desats occasionally during feeds.

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the desats during feeds sounds like reflux to me is he on any reflux meds

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One of my boys used to de sat during feeds & it was because he was holding on to his wind. Constant winding during feeds solved the problem for us, although my little one was only on a bubble of oxygen. Try not to worry, he will grow out of it x

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