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I had a emergency c-section as I'd been in labour 3days and was not progressing and fetal heart rate was too high. Mine was really positive - had it under epidural so was alert for it, got skin to skin almost immediately and I was up and about 12hours later. The pain after wasn't too bad at all and I was fully able to care for my baby myself afterwards. Next time I want a section straight away without the 3day labour beforehand!

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I had my c-section just over 4 weeks ago, the only problem i have had is that i have an overhang from weight loss and this after 4 weeks is still slightly open wound. I have the District Nurse coming out ever other day to change the dressing, and check for infection, but overall my section was a very positive experience.
If i ever have any more i would opt for a section.

V xxxxx

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I had an elective C Sec due to the baby being breech, i found the whole process surreal. The aftercare was a joke (read my birth story about that), it hasnt affected the way ive bonded with my son he is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, but it has left me wanting more children as I feel I have missed on a natural birth, i dont know what a contraction feels like, or suppose I just yearn to know what giving birth naturally feels like

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I hav an emergency c section, I was induced and then had 'failure to progress'. My experience was actually quite positive. Of course, no major surgery is pleasant but had brilliant care both before, during and after, don't feel I had a les of a bond - i was awake throughout so had immediate skin to skin contact, my partner was there too.

I found it a little hard during the first few weeks, getting around and stuff but had a lot of help thank god!!! If I have anymore I will have an elective, the worst thing is that my tummy has lost any firmness it ever had!! But hey! a small price to pay!

PM me if you want anymore specific info x

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I had a emergency c-section 4 years ago, due to placental abruption my daughter was 5 weeks prem.

It effected me really badly mentally, i didn't bond wiht my daughter very well for months and had bad postnatal depression. Physically i couldn't do anything for weeks, i couldn't bend down to bath my daughter and pushing the pram down the street was painful. My scar isn't very neat, it is all wobbly and i feel uncomfortable when getting undressed because of this. It took about 2 1/2 years for the pain to go completely, it still hurt if i caught it or stretched the skin.

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Ive had 3 prem babies who was born by c-section with everyone its got easier and i recover quicker it was hard to bond with my babies but that wasnt cause of the c-section it was due to them being prem.

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I had an emergency section 2 months ago, I was so down about it all. Took me ages to recover, just wanted to cuddle but it hurt too much although looking back I'm really thankful they did it, without it we'd both most likely have died.

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had planned c-section... didnt make me feel any less of a parent for not giving birth vaginally, my scar has healed great, in fact its tiny, was up and having a shower 16hours after having my baby, and was up and mobile from then on.. did find i was breathless and tired easily for about a month afterwards but it didnt stop me from doing anything (apart from lifting heavy things and driving)

physically it hasnt made me any less confident, and its given me no problems
mentally the same, i look back at my daughters birth as a lovely time

it was the staff on the post natal ward i had probs with not the proceedure itself..


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Originally Posted by kirsty911 View Post
Hi all, I just wanted to know how people felt about Caesarean sections and if you've had one, whether you think it affected you psychologically e.g. did it make you less confident?? do you think you were more depressed?? Im afraid Im not an expectant mother myself just yet (although in a few years who knows !), Im just a medical student who is interested in this area.

I would really appreciate any stories or experiences you are willing to share and hope everyone is well.

Thanks again!
Hi my daughter is almost 9 months now and I had her by CS because she was breech. My dauhter is my first child.

The actual CS was fine, physically I coped well with the pain and discomfort, however psychologically I feel it made the baby blues worse. I got the 'baby blues' on the 2nd day and by my 3rd night in hospital I was very depressed to the point I was totally convinced I was going to die and I was petrified of going to sleep because I really believed I would not wake up.
I don't believe that I would have had those kind of thoughts or feelings if I'd have had a natural birth and was in the comfort of my own home. I also think that the level of after care from medical staff (which was very poor) had a part to play in my depression.
I felt quite depressed for a couple of months following the birth of my daughter.

Oh and also I felt that I missed out on my daughters first few hours because I was in and out of consciousness due to the morphine to control the pain, I'd wanted to breast feed but this was impossible to try straight away because of my condition.

Hope that helps.

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