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help: student researching teen pregnancy

My survey is intended to to approach the topic from a sociological perspective, specifically how pregnant teens are treated by the medical community that cares for them, the schools that educate them, and society as a whole. First, I must ask for some background information followed by questions regarding support and treatment. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
1.At what age did you become pregnant?
2.Was your pregnancy planned or unplanned?
3.Are you married, in a relationship with child’s father, or single?
4.Please state race/ethnicity
5.Did you come from a very religious home? (yes/no)
6.Did you come from a stable home?(yes/no)
7.Rank your awareness of contraceptives and safe sex practices before pregnancy on a scale of: “very aware, somewhat aware, completely unaware”
8.Did you learn about safe sex through a sex education program at school? (yes/no)
9.Did you parents talk to you about safe sex? (yes/no)
10.Were you taught abstinence/attend an abstinence program? (yes/no)
11.Did you have more than one child as a teen (yes or no)
12.Were you attending school at the time of the pregnancy? (yes/no)
13.Did you receive support from your school (teachers and faculty)(yes/no –if yes:in what way, if no: were you expelled)
14.Did you have access to support or education for new/soon to be mothers? (yes/no)
15.Were you supported (financially/psychologically/emotionally) by your family? (yes/no)
16.Were you treated poorly by the medical staff you encountered throughout your pregnancy? (yes/no)
17.Were you asked questions by medical staff intended to determine your ability to mother your child? (yes/no. – if yes, how did they do this?)
18.Were you treated suspiciously by medical staff? (yes/no --if yes, how so?)
19.Were you treated poorly by friends, family, acquaintances as a result of your pregnancy? (yes/no.-- if yes who treated you poorly and in what way?)
20.Were you counseled on adoption options (yes/no)
21.Were you counseled on abortion options (yes/no)
22.Were you pushed to have an abortion or give your child up for adoption? (yes/no)
23.Were you treated as though you were/are unfit to have a child just because of your age? (yes/no)
24.How were you treated by your greater community/society as a result of your pregnancy ranked from: “very well, well, no opinion , poorly, very poorly”
25.Bonus: please add anything you think would be beneficial for me to know in order to gain better understanding regarding teen pregnancy. As someone who has not experienced this situation anything you are willing to share will help me and my classmates gain a clearer picture of your lives.

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