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Body Image and Pregnancy - BBC Documentary

Hello, I'm a producer in BBC documentaries and I'm doing some research for a documentary about pregnancy and eating disorders.

We feel this is a subject that has not received much coverage and we're hoping that with a sensitive and intelligent film we will be able to shine some light on this often taboo subject.

Iím hoping to speak to women who are pregnant, considering pregnancy or have very recently had a baby who have also been affected by eating disorders either now or in the past.

Our hope is to explore some of the issues and stories around this area and so would be keen to speak to people who might be able to help us with our research.

Any conversation at this stage would be in complete confidence and there would be no obligation to appear in the film.

Please do get in touch if you would like to have a chat about this I can be contacted on 0208 008 0356, or and would be happy to tell you more

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