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Does this sound like reflux in my 3 week old or normal newborn traits

Just had Albie at the doctors for something unrelated to this but mentioned when he is sleeping led down he sounds very snuffly and appears to retch quite a lot with the odd little dry cough. Dr mentioned reflux but then went on to blame it on something viral he has probably picked up from DS who has been snotty recently.
However from what I've read I'm wondering if it is reflux.
He is breastfed, he gets hiccups A LOT I have to wind him half way through and at the end of feeding or he spits up and often after feeding you will see him bring up then swallow a little sick. If I lie him down after a feed and he hasn't been winded he visibly brings up a bit of milk
Does this sound like reflux or just being a newborn. I can't say he is a baby who cries a lot either x

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Stalking. I've just asked a similar question about my LO who is much the same. Let's hope we can sort it

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