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Maternity Clothing Research

I want to provide stylish and comfortable clothing for expecting mothers in my online clothing store, and I would love you to answer my questions to be able to serve you better.
I appreciate your answers, thanks for taking the time to reply!

1. How important it is to you that your maternity clothing is...
a. stylish? 1-10
b. comfortable? 1-10
c. High quality? 1-10

2. How important it is to you that an online store has free shipping? 1-10

3. How important fast shipping is to you? 1-10

4. How likely you are to check out a store that your friend recommended to you? 1-10

5. Have you ever bought maternity clothing online? If not, why?

6. Do you have an Paypal account?

7. What colors would describe maternity?

8. Have you had trouble finding maternity clothes that fit your style? If yes, describe your style.

9. What are the most important qualities in a piece of maternity clothing to you?


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