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Wanted: Your Feedback -

Hello mums (to be) and…hello dads (to be),

my name is Esther from Quintus Media, a media start-up from Berlin.

We just launched a digital tv-channel called which we hope will be an interesting and entertaining companion for you in the following month and years.

We are still at the very beginning (in fact, we are still in beta). That´s why we need experts to help us grow into the right direction: YOU!

So please have a look
here and give us your thoughts. All thoughts are appreciated (there is a big red button on the top of the page) – no matter if they are good or bad. Especially the following question are highly interesting for us: Are the videos relevant to you? Would you recommend to a friend? Would you sign in to stay updated for new content? Was it easy to understand all buttons and functions straight away? ….

If you would like any further information about us or tvilike, or have any questions regarding the requested feedback, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are excited to hear back from you. Many thanks in advance. Hope to see you soon on tvilike.

All the best,

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