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Looking for some lovely pregnant ladies to participate my uni project pleaseeeee!


Iím so sorry for writing on here but I was just wondering if there are any ladies on here who are currently in their second or third trimester who would like to help me by participating in my research project for university!

The title of the project is ĎA Comparison of Dietary Intake between Pregnant Women in their Second and Third Trimester and Current Government Guidelinesí

It would require you to fill out a food dairy for 3 days (all the information would be kept anonymous and confidential and I will provide anyone who is interested will the full information about the project beforehand).

Once completed, if you would like a copy of your dietary analysis I can provide it to you.

If you would like to participate or know anyone else who would then please get back to me, it would be really appreciated!

Thank you so much

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