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Diapers! More time with kids! Help

Hello! I am a student at the University of Michigan studying business and I would really like some feedback about ordering diapers for your kids.
We want to install a weight sensor for diaper storage that could automatically reorder diapers for parents when there diaper inventory gets low. Would this be something you would use? Do babies typically go through diapers at a constant rate? Any feedback helps! Thanks!

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Not something I would use, how would it know when you need to change a size/brand?

It takes 2 seconds to grab a bag when I'm out doing my weekly shopping, that also enables me to stock up when they are on offer (again something a set of scales wouldn't be able to do)

IMO This would just be one of those pointless purchases aimed to FTM which would soon end up at the back of the cupboard the first time it got it wrong

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Definitely not, agree with everything Jodilee said!

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No I wouldn't use; I usually buy nappies when they are on offer. And my LO changes nappy sizes all the time.

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Same as all pp, maybe before my LO was born I would have bought it but now I know about different size needs and the different offers at different places all the time I wouldn't bother

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Nope, we used mostly cloth diapers but when we used disposables we just picked them up at the store when we were already out shopping. Really not much of a hassle.

I suppose if you were ordering a specific brand that wasn't sold at a regular store it might be helpful but I'm guessing that's a fairly small percentage of overall customers.

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Well, I Have 2 in diapers 20 months and 32 months so I have had quite some experience -

My 2 typically go through 5 nappies each in a 24 hour day so when I order my weekly food shopping I know exactly how many to order plus a few extra for just in case !

However when illness occurs and diapers are getting low either me or my hubby will nip to the corner shop to get some, it's no big deal to run out of diapers as they sell them pretty much everywhere. plus there is always a few spares in the changing bag should it be the middle of the night and we are desperate.

So no, it would be an expense not worth having. Sorry.

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