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I am a researcher from WPI - would you share your fertility tech experiences?

My name is Klew Williams and I'm a researcher for the IMGD department of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. We are beginning a project to develop passive wearable technology to measure basal body temperature for women.

Our project is not specifically to help women conceive, although that's one application. We would like to develop a comfortable, unobtrusive nighttime wearable that would allow menstruating women to track and better understand their own bodies.

I would love to hear about your personal experiences, preferences, opinions, etc. about BBT-tracking tech, apps, and wearables if you've ever tried them. Or just the type of wearable you'd be interested in and what features you'd want to see. We want to address real women's real needs and preferences, so any information is helpful.

Thank you!

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