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chickenchaser May 14th, 2012 11:56 AM

The First Timer Scardicats!!!!!
Hi Ladies :flower:

There are a few of us coming over from WTT who are finding all this a little bit scary. So here is a thread, for those who are TTC but aren't ready for the full on and sometimes obsessive baby making.

Please feel free to share your stories and ask those 'silly' questions you feel you can't ask on the main TTC board.

And for those full on experience TTC please feel free to give us your advice but please be gentle with us, after all we are a group of TTC Scardicats :haha:

EDIT - I'm happy to introduce to you the Scardicats. This thread has also come to be known as the lucky thread and the fruit salad :haha: In no particular order

Name - Chickenchaser
Age - 36
TTC since - May 2012
BFP on - 27/2/13 :bfp: Lost at 9w2d on 5/4/13 sleep well little one :angel: Always missed, never forgotten.
Baby due -
Top TTC tip - Have faith

Name - Annaki
AKA - Annaki :-)
Age - 28
TTC - July 2012
BFP - 6/8/2012 :bfp:
Baby Due - 14/014/2013
Top TTC tip - Have fun trying!

Name - Banana2012
AKA - Banana
Age - 28
TTC since - June 2012
BFP on - 7th September 2012 :bfp:
Baby due - Our second and third babies Esmι and Eva were born on Monday 1st April at 32 weeks. :hugs::cloud9:
Top TTC tip - Use PreSeed!

Name - Snuffles
AKA - Erm Snuffles lol
Age - 19
TTC since - May 2012
BFP on - 09/09/2012 :bfp:A little angel lost :angel: Sleep well little one.
BFP on 01/31/13 :bfp:
Baby due 10/11/13
Top TTC Tip-Lay down for 15 minutes after DTD(it's what I did)

Name - Trying2012
AKA - Trying
Age - 34
TTC since - July 2012
BFP on - Not yet
Baby due - Soon I hope
Top TTC tip - Try the every other day approach!

Name - J04NN4
AKA - Jo
Age - 24
TTC since - Erm, well you all know the story
BFP on - 10th April 2012
Baby due - We have a little boy :blue:Baby Felix 15/12/13 :hugs:.
Top TTC tip - Relax!

Name - Nurse Sooz
AKA - Sooz
Age - 27
TTC since - April 28th
BFP on - 14.8.12 :bfp:
Baby due - 27.4.12
Top TTC tip - Pre-seed, guys and gals TTC vits, legs up after. Opks. Enjoy!

Name - Mrs. Luvbug
AKA - LuvBug
Age - 24
TTC since - June 2012
BFP on - 8/8/12 :bfp:
Baby due - April 19th 2013
Top TTC tip - Use the every other day approach-it makes it way less stressful and less like a chore!

Name - Our secret Scardicat :hugs:
Age -
TTC since - June 2012
BFP on - Not yet
Baby due - FX for June onwards, 2013!
Top TTC tip -

Name: Honeybee144
AKA: Honey/Honeybee
Age: 23
TTC since: June 2012
BFP on: 30.08.12
Baby due: 10.05.13 :bfp:
Top TTC tip: Get the support from others in the same/similar situation to you!

Name - CakeCottage
AKA - Cake/Rachael
Age - 27
TTC since - August 2012
BFP on - Not yet!
Baby due - Hopeful for 2013!
Top TTC tip - Conceive plus and SMEP x

Name – Mojo86
AKA – Mojo
Age – 26
TTC – Oct 2010
BFP – 7/10/12 :bfp:
Baby due – 17/6/13
Top TTC tip – Never give up!!

Name – Miniegg27
AKA – Mini
Age – 28
TTC – Dec 12
BFP – 7/1/13 :bfp:A little angel lost :angel: Sleep well little one.
BFP - 4/4/13 :bfp:
Baby due -
Top TTC tip – Plan a holiday around ovulation time!

More to follow just waiting for their updates :hugs:

NurseSooz May 14th, 2012 13:25 PM

Yeeeeeeey I'm posting on the TTC board!! :happydance:

Ok so I'm going to repost my post - sorry to repeat myself.

Ok TTC chickies. TMI warning.

How the hell do you read cervical mucous? I know it's there but how the hell do I know what's fertile? I've never head "stretchy" (wtf?!) mucous. It has gone mega watery mid cycle before. I'm so confused! Any mucous gurus out there? I'm not a charter and I haven't a flying monkey what my cycles are. I'd like to be able to at least read the best indicator of fertility! Does it have to be that watery way for me to be fertile? I'm so confused!

chickenchaser May 14th, 2012 13:31 PM

I thought about asking if someone could do us a flashing banner, what do you think?
Also do we want a members list?

RileysMummy May 14th, 2012 14:16 PM

:wave: thought i'd crash although we're not really ttc til July lol xx

chickenchaser May 14th, 2012 14:27 PM


Originally Posted by RileysMummy (Post 18000087)
:wave: thought i'd crash although we're not really ttc til July lol xx

Welcome to the party:haha:

NurseSooz May 14th, 2012 15:15 PM

Ooooo flashing banner sounds awesome!

mrsswaffer May 14th, 2012 15:19 PM

Hehe! I seem to have joined loads of TTC/NTNP threads since starting NTNP 5 hours ago!! :haha:

Banana2012 May 14th, 2012 16:37 PM

Can I also be another not-quite TTC yet member?!

xlouloux May 14th, 2012 17:08 PM

Hi ladies, congrats on jumping on the ttc train! I wish you all the best of luck. :D There was a request for a siggy, so I have made this if any of you are interested in using it.

I understand if it's abit too big, I would be happy to make a smaller banner for you if you like. :D

Here is the code if you want to use it, just remove the space at the end!

[IMG][/IMG ]


xlouloux May 14th, 2012 17:31 PM

Here is a smaller one x

And the code, again remove the space at the end.

[IMG][/IMG ]


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