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Mrs RC Jun 21st, 2012 13:16 PM

Clary sage oil to induce labour?
Has anyone used clary age oil successfully to induce labour? Seems to be conflicting advice online and was looking for some personal experiences or opinions really.

I'm 40+4 and hoping for a homebirth. Induction booked for next Friday so really want to avoid that if at all possible!

Some say it's ok after 38 weeks, some only when in labour, some when overdue and some not at all!!

kaylynn040485 Jun 21st, 2012 14:07 PM

I tried using oil and bath with my past pregnancy and I went two weeks over so didn't work, guess its like everything else it won't work unless baby is ready kx

MrsBandEgglet Jun 21st, 2012 14:25 PM

The theory behind Clary sage is that it's very relaxing and can relax your uterus enough if absorbed through your skin to kickstart labour. It's advised that you don't use very much because it can effect people differently and can make you groggy. I had a couple of Clary sage baths last time but I put literally two drops in. I loved it, I felt so relaxed but I didn't really do it because I wanted to go into labour I just love the smell. I also bought some really lovely body cream with Clary sage in it and it made my skin feel fab. I like Clary sage but I'm not much of a believer that it does a whole lit, depends how much you use I guess :shrug: its also apparently used as pain relief by inhaling it from a cloth but I don't know much about that. It is nice stuff though. X

AtomicPink Jun 21st, 2012 16:06 PM

I used it on a cloth and carried it about for a night. Nada

Next morning I used some in a bath (maybe I did go overboard :/) and carried the tissue around the whole day. Result-she was born the following morning.
I wouldn't have bothered trying but my heart was breaking that my toddler was suffering with me being housebound.

I wasnt for trying anything else though.

Mrs RC Jun 22nd, 2012 00:54 AM

Thanks - I might try it in a bath tonight.

lovelylaura Jun 22nd, 2012 00:58 AM

yup i used it in baths massges to inhale im not sure it helped me to be honest but it was very relaxing and helped contractions

kateKate Jun 22nd, 2012 01:02 AM

You shouldnt use it until contractions start. It then helps to speed labour up.

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