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LadyInRed82 Jun 30th, 2012 03:15 AM

Brown discharge after IUI???
so frustrated. so sad... :'(

I have had bloody to brown discharge since i was artificially inseminated on Tuesday this week... have anyone experienced this??? does anyone know if this is a somewhat bad sign or a REALLY bad sign?????

Stardust1 Jun 30th, 2012 05:42 AM

Did they have to poke around a lot to find you cervix. I had mine done yesterday and I have a retroverted uterus so it took the nurse some time to get things positioned correctly, she said I might experience a bit of spotting. Or may have knocked you a bit inside with the catheter. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed you get you BFP in a week or so x

LadyInRed82 Jun 30th, 2012 06:08 AM

aah, thank you so much Stardust1! I hadn't thought of that as a possible explanation. You just saved my day! I have regained my hope :)

they didnt have to poke around though. seemed the doctor found my portio pretty easily and i didnt feel any poking or pain at all. but still I will stick to that theory! going overseas for a 5 day visit to Scotland during my vacation (I'm Norwegian), so would be nice to at least have SOME hope! a bit of a waste if I spend the entire visit moping around :P

congratulations on 3 follicles :) :) I only had 1,5 according to the doctor, but still happy about getting at least one. hope you'll get a BFP too!! and thanx again for taking the time to reply :)

Stardust1 Jun 30th, 2012 08:23 AM

Ooh have fun in Scotland ive never been that far north, beware the uk summer is horrible at the moment though, mass floods up north! Typical for the year the uk hosts the olympics:dohh: hopefully it will clear up in the next few days.
My third follicle was a lot smaller than the other 2 and the nurse was hoping it wasn't going to do anything (they only let you go ahead with 2 normally)I was just relieved to have one as last month I didn't respond to the Gonal f injections at all so my cycle was cancelled.
When's your test date? I'm testing on Friday 13th, not a great omen! :wacko:

LadyInRed82 Jun 30th, 2012 10:07 AM

luckily it's still 4 weeks left until the ball starts rolling in London so there's still plenty of time left to retrieve the sunshine :) would be a real bummer for us if the weather doesnt improve by Wednesday though, since we've planned a bicycle holiday. I guess it wont be pleasant exploring Scottish scenery by bike in pouring rain :P

same rule here in Norway; no more than 2 follicles. but I think it depends on how long you've been trying and your age.. yeah I saw that on your signature that you've had two unsuccessful cycles prior to this one. surely you must be thrilled now :) i know what it feels like to go through all the shots and having high expectations, only to discover that it has been in vain. and then having to start over knowing that it might happen again and feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel is unreasonably far away. my point being that I'm happy for you that you made it this time ;)

my test date is the 11th :) in addition to the unexpected bleeding/discharge I have also been running a fever since a couple of hours after IUI and until yesterday. a mild fever though so i dont think it's the flu, but probably a bad cold. anyway, not ideal. seems like someone is trying to mess with us, thinking it's funny... you see, i had surgery to my uterus in January, and at the end of May the doctor discovered that the surgery had not been successful.. they made a mistake basically. not only because the surgery in itself was a failure, but since they didnt doublecheck afterwards. during those months we have spent a lot of money on hormones etc, so I was reallyreally hoping that this would be the time when we would get our reward :) turning 30 around the time of my test date, so it would be the best 30th birthday present :)

cant seem to stop writing. my apologies :)

according to my future husband Friday the 13th is a day for luck and not for bad luck :) I really hope that he's right about it!!! ;)

LadyInRed82 Jun 30th, 2012 10:14 AM

oh, and i was gonna ask what your thoughts are about the possibility of having twins!? :) after trying for such a long time and with the pcos and the azoospermia, I guess you would be overly excited?? :)

Stardust1 Jun 30th, 2012 13:15 PM

Oh I like the thought Friday 13th is lucky.:thumbup:
I'd be totally thrilled with twins, I'd imagine it's really hard work though! I am really lucky to have a gorgeous 12year old son from a previous relationship and he was a brilliant content and well behaved baby and I always thought how lovely it would have been for him to have a twin. The thought of Triplets scares me a little bit though! :wacko:
As for the fever, my fertility nurse said there was a chance of slight infection after iui, maybe you should phone your clinic and see what they recommend, maybe you just need some antibiotics? I'm really sorry your surgery didn't go to plan, it's awful when it seems to be one thing after another. I have a tumour on my pituitary gland that causes very very high prolactin and the drugs I take aren't reccomended whilst trying to get pregnant but not taking them makes me infertile aghhhhh :dohh:
I've got everything crossed that the Scottish weather improves for you and you get a lovely 30th birthday present x

LadyInRed82 Jul 1st, 2012 02:00 AM

the thought of triplets scares me a bit too :) and I feel the same way as you about twins. it would probably be a lot of work, but when you're having problems getting pregnant in the first place then twins would save you from of lot of stress, money and grief in the future (seeing you would probably have trouble making another baby)...

thank you for the tip! I would have been worried if I hadn't had this painful throat as well. I am sure it is either a bad cold or the flu, and my temperature has been fine now since Friday evening :) sadly my future husband is starting to feel sick, jeopardizing our trip to Scotland. I am pretty sure that we cannot travel, so I am looking into postponing the trip.. but it's a lot of work since we have booked a B&B, a hotel, guided cycle tours, train tickets and also flight tickets from two companies :/ still... if this is the bad luck we have to have in order for us to get lucky "babywise", then it's ok :P :)

I can see how having a child already can make it easier for you to handle the problems you're having now. still, being unable to make a baby without getting help from doctors is difficult for the persons involved no matter the circumstances. seems very distressful to have this condition of yours. made me sad to read about it, and now I wish even more that you will be successful this time!! I guess your boy will be as thrilled as you to get a baby sister or brother :) or both ;)

Rags Jul 1st, 2012 12:26 PM

[QUOTE=LadyInRed82;19303907] going overseas for a 5 day visit to Scotland during my vacation (I'm Norwegian), so would be nice to at least have SOME hope! a bit of a waste if I spend the entire visit moping around :P

Hi Lady in red, I hope everything's settled down for you? I had some spotting after my 1st IUI a couple of years ago, think it can be quite normal. On the subject of Scotland, the midge's have been quite bad this year (especially on the west coast) so if you can, come prepaired! a product called 'Skin so soft' from Avon can be quite good and I've recently had 'Smidge' recomended to me as being very good - they have their own web site. Have a wonderfull trip and I hope that you come home to a BFP.

LadyInRed82 Jul 1st, 2012 14:30 PM

Hi Rags, yes thanks things are looking better now with regards to the discharge. it's been normal since Saturday morning. still can't feel any symptoms of pregnancy. but knowing what the nurse told Stardust and that you have experienced spotting after an IUI gives me a lot of hope! So THANK YOU very much for sharing this here :)

I actually bought a midge repellant just the other day as I was buying more folic acid at Boots. it just happened to be right next to the till, so I grabbed one just in case we would be needing it. it appears that was a smart move then! it's a Norwegian brand, but I hope it will have the same effect with Scottish midges :) If not I have written your suggestions down on my mobile so I will know what to buy in stead when we're there. Super! :)

Wishing you a perfect summer! ;)

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