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newbie86 Jul 8th, 2012 15:18 PM

14dpo no af
hi girls im currently on 14dpo and the :witch: still hasnt arrived im usually on a 28 day cycle and only remember being a day late about 8 months ago i have had cramps off and on since i o'd and like a tingling sensation around my groin area couldnt wait so took pg test on 9dpo 10dpo 11dpo 12dpo and all negative anyone else in same situation i have been ttc for eleven months now and really hope this is my month been getting af like symtoms cramping snappy for last few days but they all seemed to have disapeared now apart from the odd cramp feel like im going insane with this wait lol!!

SBinRI Jul 8th, 2012 17:50 PM

I know exactly what you mean! TTC and the TWW SUCK! Most women truly don't get a BFP til they are late for af- figure the avg O is on cd 14. That egg (if fertilized) takes 6-12 days to travel to the uterus and implant- another 2-3 days to make enough GCH to be tested in blood- and a fouple more days for pee. That's a LOT of days!

tronmon Jul 8th, 2012 19:31 PM

I know how you feel! I am 14 DPO today too and taking every little twinge in my body as a sign. I think we just have to sit tight and see what happens... but of course, that's maddening! I just joined this website and am so thankful for it. It helps so much to know other women are going through exactly what I'm feeling!

CherryBakewel Jul 9th, 2012 04:59 AM

Me too...14dpo (I think) or at least cd34 so should have seen aunt flo this morning but no show! But negative test this morning too :( will test again maybe wednesday?

Summer_millie Jul 9th, 2012 06:01 AM

Me too!! I'm so please you started this thread I have been going crazy!!! I'm 14dpo, am a regular 28 day cycle girl and am never late but AF is two days late today! I took a test on 12 dpo and it was negative and am too scared to take another one at the moment as its been making me so sad to keep seeing all these :bfn:s :(

Had quite a few "symptoms" last week like back ache, cramping and a gurgling noise in my stomach! This week the symptoms have subsided a bit but am feeling more nauseous.mi had brown spotting between 9dpo and 12dpo but nothing since.

I've been googling it quite a bit and seems like quite a few other people test negative on 12dpo and then get a :bfp: a few days later. Am reeeeeeeealllly hoping this is the case for me, if not its probably just the stress delaying AF :( think I'm going to wait until the weekend and test again if AF still hasn't shown her ugly face!

Good luck everyone!!! :hugs:

tronmon Jul 9th, 2012 07:06 AM

Woke up and thought about testing but can't face a BFN!
It is so frustrating... Why are pregnancy symptoms just like AF symptoms?!! I read articles about the early signs of pregnancy and I think, "Yeah. So what? Those are the signs that my period is coming too!"

I will be waiting and watching today... 15DPO

Sarah20109 Jul 9th, 2012 12:06 PM

Mind if I join in? I am 14 dpo today as well. Tested at 11 dpo, 13 dpo, and today and all were bfn's. I started cramping on and off from 11 dpo to 13dpo and thought for sure af would show today, but nothing so far. I don't even feel like she's on her way, just a very strange feeling that I can't put my finger on. I've been testing with internet cheapies, so by the end of the week if my temp is still up and af hasn't showed i'll take a frer to see if that makes a difference.

Baby dust to all of you!

tronmon Jul 9th, 2012 13:17 PM

I'm out. AF arrived 30 minutes ago. Deep feeling of sadness...

I wish all of you the BEST OF LUCK!
I'll start hoping that cycle #11 is the one for me.

maz882 Jul 9th, 2012 13:36 PM

Do you mind if I join in? I'm cd 31 I think about 14-17 dpo and also have no af but BFNs! It's so good to know some people are in the same boat makes you feel a lot less alone.

Tronmon sorry you're out, fx cycle 11 will be the one

CherryBakewel Jul 10th, 2012 05:20 AM

Any updates ladies? Still sitting here at 16dpo, cd 35 and BFN this morning :( where the hell is my AF. I had all signs she was on her way on saturday and sunday, slight cramping, back ache etc and still nothing. :( SO frustrating!!

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