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ChelliBelle Nov 7th, 2012 12:26 PM

The Over 35 Newbies and not so's :)
Right ,

I thought that we could start a new thread in here so that we can keep in contact during our pregnancies- and if the other ladies join the TTC journey too (which i sincerley hope they do).

I've missed not been able to stress out with you all lol so I hope you will all join me :)

It took me far to long to find our thread from TTC! and i think its time we caught up again :)

Or indeed anyone one else that wants to join in too....we are not a private club lol

ChelliBelle Nov 7th, 2012 12:30 PM

Otherwise i might just be talking to myself lol

EverythingXd Nov 7th, 2012 12:37 PM

Hi Chelli, I'm in :thumbup:

I'm loving how everyone is proving my theory right! Although Fin was actually late too... I actually did all the hard work on his original due date of 15th November, but he was born the next day at 12.05am x

It's Fin's 2nd birthday next week, can't believe how grown up he is already. He's talking loads now and even puts 3 or 4 words together to form sentences sometimes. He is not doing so great on the potty training though! He'll sit on it but refuses to do any wee or poo on it... much prefers to do it in the bath!!

ChelliBelle Nov 7th, 2012 13:52 PM

Hi Everything :)

Sounds like your Fin is just determined to do it in his own time lol- he'll start using it before you know it.

My neice wouldnt use the potty either, she went straight onto the toilet (with a little seat attachment) maybe Fin is the same?
My neice would just use her potty to store toys lol

And it's so lovely when they start talking sence 9well mainly) bet he'll be a chatter box lol

In answer to your other post- ive had little morning sickness- more nausea than anything, but only a couple of times of being actually sick. i dont feel like the tiredness has left me yet- it seems that no matter how much i sleep, i'm still yawning throughout the day lol...

It was fabulous to see my bunkin (its unofficial name :haha: ) They were kicking and moving about so much and an arm kept waving about- it was really cute :happydance:

I have my 20 week scan booked for 2nd week in Dec, so not far to go :)

and the midwife put me back 3 days!! sooooo, we will see if your theory is right lol

starlight2801 Nov 7th, 2012 14:17 PM

Hi ladies :flower:

I agree we need to catch up more and I don't want you talking to yourself Chelli so I'm in ;)

So how am I doing?

Maia is talking lots more all of a sudden too and completely melted me the other week when I was putting her to bed and she said 'I love you' :cloud9: The poor little girl is poorly this week though. She started with tonsillitis at the weekend and today developed an ear infection to go with it :-( She is (despite the new infection) lots and lots better than she has been today but doesn't have her appetite back yet. She hasn't really eaten anything for 5 days and although the doctors say not to worry you know how it is, you can't help but worry.

I'm pretty well though. Baby boy is baking nicely and I'm starting to collect lots of little blue things ready for his arrival :happydance:

I'm 23 weeks now and feeling good in myself. The only downer is I've developed a hernia (in fact it's probably been there since I was pregnant with Maia). It isn't giving me any bother at the minute which is good but I have to be careful with straining my abdomen to avoid it getting bigger and more complicated - not easy with a toddler and a horse but trying my best :shrug:

In other good news I've had a consultants appointment and I've been approved to try for a VBAC. If I can pull it off life with a toddler and a newborn will be sooo much easier :)

Anyway that's all from me for now but its nice to catch up again. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch more often. I've gone pretty quiet on here of late without you ladies to chat too x

dan-o Nov 7th, 2012 14:44 PM

Hi ladies, great to see everyone in one place again!

Starlight sorry about the hernia, sounds uncomfortable, where is it? Great news about the potential vbac!!

Chelli, will you find out the gender at your 20 week scan? I've got mine at the beginning of december too :)

Everything, bless your LO and the bath-poo's :haha: Sidneys beeen doing that a bit recently as well lol!! :sick:

As for me, I started bleeding heavily at 12 weeks & got diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed. It was bigger than the baby at the time and covering half the sac, so pretty touch and go. I've been keeping my feet up since and not lifting anything other than Sidney occasionally. I went for a private scan to check on things yesterday & the bleed is down to 4.5cm x 3.5cm now and looks more clotted, so I'm hoping things will be OK!
Other than that, baby is measuring exactly right and seems like a lively little chap! :cloud9:

starlight2801 Nov 8th, 2012 01:45 AM

Dan-o I'm so glad that your bleed is shrinking and clotting and that your little man is growing nicely in there :) It must have been so stressful for you, and I hope that some of that stress is easing now :hugs:

My hernia is just above my belly button. The doctors are saying it is very small but you can see it through my clothes. At the moment because its so close it looks like an outie belly button. My belly button stayed flat and didn't pop when I was pregnant with Maia and I hope the same happens this time, otherwise I will look like I have two outies :eek:

It isn't painful as such (and I've been told if it gets that way its a sign that I have complications and need to get to hospital) but it does get sore when I've overdone it or strangely when it gets cold.

I've been told that I will need surgery to repair it at some point which is another good reason to try for a VBAC now. They have ruled out the possibility of fixing it at the same time as a section so there would be a possibility that I recover from a section to have to go through surgery again shortly after. If this is inevitable I'm happy with it but at the same time wouldn't choose to put myself in that position if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

The good news about it is it won't cause any problems with my baby, which is a huge relief :) x

Rowan75 Nov 8th, 2012 06:03 AM

Hi Ladies! :flower:

M asleep so may have to dash off...

Chellibelle glad youre doing ok - yey for 20 week scan soon! not long to go!

Everything Xd - 2 wow bet thats flown! he sounds fab! poo in the bath lol! fun times!

Starlight Maia sounds so sweet! Hope she feels better soon! bummer about your hernia - glad they can sort it afterwards

dan-o glad the bleed is shrinking must have been a worry - so glad your little boy is growing well

isnt it funny were mostly having boys!

were good - i had physio and turns out i didnt have spd before its my old car crash injuries flaring up so ive got a fab support belt which is working a treat and am back ihto my old ways of doing things like i did the year or so after the crash and its made a massive difference already - wish Id known last time!!!

Martha is teething madly - molars are a pain but theyre actually coming through now so the pain has settled and shes sleeping again phew! was up every 20 mins a few nights!

shes trying to walk on her own and can do a few steps and then falls bless her shes v determined tho! shes chattering away in her own language v cute! she can say daddy and duck and biscuit and help and up :)

right best check shes not overheating in her snowsuit in the pushchair!

lovely to catch up :flower:

EverythingXd Nov 8th, 2012 21:02 PM

Starlight - I've got a small hernia in the same place as yours just above my belly button. I found it before I fell pregnant this time so it was as a result of my 1st pregnancy/birth. The doc told me the same thing about if it starts to hurt, but he didn't say anything about having surgery to fix it at any point.

Sorry in advance but I need to have a little whinge! I feel sorry for myself :haha: I'm on the sofa for the 3rd night in a row, getting hardly any sleep. I have a really bad cold, just can't stop coughing! I've been like it since Sunday night, I moved to the sofa so that at least OH could get some sleep. Then last night I hear him throwing up at 10.30pm, and he was up all night with S&D - some 24 hour bug that's doing the rounds at his work.

He had today (well yesterday now) off work but I still had to look after Fin all day cos he top trumped me on the ill stakes! I'm really worried I'm going to get the sickness bug... that's all I need at the moment. I feel so light-headed and weak from lack of sleep and the strain on my stomach / ribs from so much coughing... blurgh.

Ok, whinge over lol! Sorry!

starlight2801 Nov 9th, 2012 01:34 AM

I think you're ok to feel a bit sorry for yourself Everything, sounds horrendous :-( I hope you don't get the tummy bug to make it even worse.

Isn't that strange, we're hernia twins (is there such a thing? Well there is now!) I was wondering do you have, or did you ever have a belly button piercing? The doctor said mine probably came about in my pregnancy with Maia but was because I had my belly button pierced!! This doesn't really make sense to me as a belly button piercing is only superficial so I can't see it effecting your muscle wall in any way :shrug:

About surgery I was told they rarely bother with elective repairs these days so will not be repairing until they become problematic but that could be sooner or many years later.

Hope you and OH are well soon x

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