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Wobbles Sep 2nd, 2006 15:52 PM

A Little About Me A Little About You
Hi gals & guys,

Firstly welcome to BumpAndBaby, I hope you enjoy your membership here & take up the full advantage of online support from those who are currently or have previously been in your footsteps.

My OH & I were silently trying for a baby with the impression I was actually infertile but we carried on with life at a normal pace knowing there was help out there & we were referred to the infertility clinic.

In January 2006 I experienced a rather unusual period started with spotting to nothing to what I believed was my normal menstrual period which then followed by spotting so much to my surprise a friend advised me to do a pregnancy test. My heart was pounding so much my OH could feel & probably hear it. We were so happy but sadly a bit blind to trying to conceive & pregnancy in general. In brief we can only describe the outcome as a horrific ectopic ordeal.

I became wiser to trying to conceive, pregnancy in general, testing & charting & have since discovered that we are both very fertile & have confirmed 4 known pregnancies since our ectopic sadly all ending before 5 weeks.

I have found much support on the internet over this last 6 months & I have opened this forum with all the best intentions hoping there are other girls out there who reach to us as a community for support & encouragement.

Iím also very proud to have [name removed] involved who holds the same warm hearted intentions as me & of course my partner who has been making this forum what it is today with many features arriving that he hopes will benefit you all on your journey. Heís been working pretty hard bless him, some of his hard work is behind the scenes but I can say he knows how much a community like us can help other women & men out there so well done him (love you very much).

I would also like to say a thank you to Imi-Maddie's-Mum (who has helped in a huge way) & Arcanegirl who have agreed to be apart of the team & who I feel will help this community grow & grow with a friendly smile along the way.

I would like to share a bit about me with you guys please feel free to add your own bit about you to this profile.

A picture of me with my sister Charley, there is a 23 year gap between us:

A Little About Me

Name: Charlene

Age: 26

Location: Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire

Occupation: Customer care, sales & marketing assistant

Short Personal Description: I currently work from home full-time & part-time. I was originally born in Chester but spent 10 years of my life in Northern Ireland. I spend a lot of my time online (too much) & am actively involved in other forum communityís where I have met many nice people on my travels & even friends. I met my partner online due to his business interests & 2 friends became partners although I later found out that was his intentions anyway :wink:

Hobbies: Internet, pubs, clubs, the zoo (softy), shopping, eatting out

Color: Black

Food: Chicken supreme (my recipe of course)

Hang-out: Online with you guys :wink:

Music: R&B

Books: *Laughs*

Movies: The Greenmile, Message in a bottle, Saving private Ryan & quite a Disney fan!

TV Shows: Eastenders, Bad Girls & Extreme makeover

Authors: *Laughs*

Cartoon Character: Tom & Jerry

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Ibiza or Disney world lol!

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My best mate

Greatest Ambition: To be happy in life & family surroundings, living comfortably but happy!

Biggest Achievement: Facing the world & coming out on top (sorry many or all wonít understand that)

Grandest Wish: Fate to let me be happy!

What You Can't Live Without: My PC! :shock:

Again welcome to BumpAndBaby, I hope to get to know you all better as time goes on.

Any problems or even suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Arcanegirl Sep 2nd, 2006 16:04 PM

About me

Name: Caroline

Age: 19

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Occupation: Unemployed but looking for work

Short Personal Description: I am a recent college leaver and currently looking for work.
I live with my OH Rob, who i met through his sister on a Darren Hayes fan chat room!
We have a few pets which include Bruce the dog, Salem the cat and Piglet the guinea pig!
We have been TTC for our first since September 2005.


Hobbies: The internet, my animals, music

Color: Black and blue

Food: Anything chicken

Hang-out: on msn with my buddies

Music: Mostly rock but into all sorts

Books: Harry Potter

Movies: Harry potter, LOTR

TV Shows: Charmed and The Simpsons

Authors: cant think of any lol

Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Canada or Australia

Most Influential Person in Your Life: Never really had anybody

Greatest Ambition: To have a family and be a SAHM

Biggest Achievement: not sure yet

Grandest Wish: To never have finnancial worries

What You Can't Live Without : My computer and Sony walkman

A pic of me:

Imi Sep 2nd, 2006 18:11 PM

A Little About Me

Name: Imogen

Age: 21

Location: Warrington, Cheshire

Occupation: Full time mum at the moment :D

Short Personal Description: Im Ex military and am currently adapting (And loving) life as a single mum.
I moved to cheshire in jan of 06 after finding out i was PG i came back to the uk as i was living in cyprus.
I have settled in ok and met some great people thanks to the internet HayleyB for one :D laura and my good mate vicky!! ... Helping launch this forum has given me such a boost and am looking forward to meeting more of you .. (Wobbles only met u once babe but finks your fab!!)xxx


Hobbies: Internet, Reading, Cooking, Football and seeing my friends

Color: RED!!

Food: Lasagne, Italian (my recipe of course)

Hang-out: Rhoad Island (You know it MrsB!!)

Music: All sorts!! (Keep dolly parton AWAY though!!)

Books: To many to mention LOVE reading

Movies: Team America (Derka Derka) Shrek, Finding nemo, Armegedon, Top gun!!

TV Shows: Eastenders, Corrie, Emmerdale, most haunted (whoooo), Thunderbirds

Authors: Lesley peirce, Katy Forrd, James patterson, Enid blighton :oops:

Cartoon Character: Top Cat

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Nepal

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Loving Grandma

Greatest Ambition: To be the best mom and friend i can be to those in my life

Biggest Achievement: What i have done to date ... never look back always forward

Grandest Wish: For my great friends who are TTC to have there babies

What You Can't Live Without : My beautiful daughter, loving family and friends


StirCrazy Sep 2nd, 2006 18:51 PM


(Keep dolly parton AWAY though!!)
^^^ LMAO: I know how you feel - Wobbles take note :lol: :lol: :lol:


Rachel Sep 3rd, 2006 16:48 PM

A Little About Me

Name: Rachel

Age: 23

Location: Wrexham, North Wales

Occupation: Nothing at the moment

Short Personal Description: Before becoming pregnant I used to work as a receptionist in a hotel (bored the hell outta me!) I was born in Wrexham and have lived here all my life. I got pregnant after ttc for 6 months but the father left me shortly after I became pregnant. I have a few pets including 3 greyhounds.


Hobbies: Shopping, internet, visiting mates and listening to music

Color: Blue

Food: Chicken fried rice (from the local chinese)

Hang-out: Online mostly or in front of the tv, or bed

Music: Dance, R n B

Books: erm :roll:

Movies: Saw 1 & 2, just like heaven, American pie :shock:

TV Shows: Eastenders, Emmerdale, corrie, wo pints of lager and a packet of crisps

Authors: err

Cartoon Character: lol duno

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Spain

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My mum prob or my mates

Greatest Ambition: To be happy and to be a good mum

Biggest Achievement: Dont know yet

Grandest Wish: Me, my family and mates to be happy

What You Can't Live Without : My PC, mobile

A pic of me (crap pic, sorry)

Sarah_N_Braydon Sep 4th, 2006 16:05 PM

A Little About Me

Name: Sarah

Age: 19

Location: Colchester

Occupation: Domestic assistant / carer (and i hate it)

Short Personal Description: i have a lil boy called Braydon Andrew. he is 11 months old and he is the most special thing in my life, my life revolves around him.
i work part time as a domestic assistant carer and i totally hate it looking for a new job at the mo.
i live at home with my mum dad and sister which at times is ok others is just full of arguements lol
like most familys i suppose lol

Hobbies: Shopping, internet, seeing mates and spending one on one time with Braydon

Color: Blue

Food: Roast Beef with all the trimings
(changes daily lol love my food hehe)

Hang-out: Online mostly or in front of the tv,

Music: pop, R n B

Books: the ipswich town programme hehe

Movies: Dirty Dancing and Greece

TV Shows: Eastenders, Emmerdale, corrie, holby and casualty

Authors: people who do the itfc matchday programme

Cartoon Character: noddy keeps B occupied lol

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Canada

Most Influential Person in Your Life: my mum

Greatest Ambition: to be a good mum and give Braydon a good life

Biggest Achievement: Braydon

Grandest Wish: Braydon to be happy and healthy

What You Can't Live Without : family and Braydon[/url]

ablaze Sep 4th, 2006 16:21 PM

A Little About Me

Name: Yvanne

Age: 19

Location: dundee scotland

Occupation: cashier in tesco

Short Personal Description: im quite a quiet person, i like 2 read and spend time with my 2 gorgeous children, enjoy chatting online and catching up with friends


Hobbies: reading, socialising, internet

Color: purple

Food: jimmy chungs :D

Hang-out: ha as if i have the time!! does on here count ;)

Music: all and any form abba to linkin park!!!

Books: at the moment am reading karin slaughter

Movies: The Greenmile, Shawshank Redemption, hmmm loads really am a bit of a dvd addict(current count 223)

TV Shows: hollyoaks+simpsons

Authors: james patterson, jacqueline wilson(yes im tht sad!), karin slaughter

Cartoon Character: ralph wiggam

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Florida

Most Influential Person in Your Life: my mum :D

Greatest Ambition: havent really though about it.. ill get back 2 u ;)

Biggest Achievement: having my 2 children :D

Grandest Wish: to stay happy and cope well!

What You Can't Live Without : mobile money and pc!!!
me on left

Tootsie Sep 4th, 2006 16:33 PM

My Bit

Name: Donna

Age: 27

Location: Rainham, Essex

Occupation: Nothing i'm dismally unemployed but looking for decent home work.

Short Personal Description: I'm mad as a hatter, probably cozi have been through alot of shit in my life amd if didnt make me mad i'd have probably been institutionalised. Only my true friends know the real me. I am very good at hiding myself behind a mask. I forgive easily as its too much hard work to hold a grudge.

Hobbies: Internet. Judo and Martial arts. Collecting DVD's and watching American series :oops:

Color: Blue :roll:

Food: Chinese but as i'm vegetarian its usually Vegetable Chow Mein

Hang-out: online usually but i do have my days offline

Music: Pink. Drowning Pool. Evenecence. Garage. Soul. R&B. Pop. Emimem. oh to hell with it anything but classicle really

Books: Harry Potter series. Flowers in the Attic. Guilty Pleasures :oops:

Movies: Grease 2. Biker Boys. Bugsy Malone. Titanic. Pirates of the Carribean :D

TV Shows: Lost. Friends. ER. Charmed. A Town called Eureks. Brainiac. Smallville. WWE Wrestling :P

Authors: J.K.Rowling. Dean Kootz. James Patterson.

Cartoon Character: Marvin the Martian

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: China/Japan or Australia

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Sister :roll:

Greatest Ambition: To live past 40

Biggest Achievement: Overcoming everything the world has so far thrown at me without giving in.

Grandest Wish: That my children grow up with an easier life than i've had

What You Can't Live Without : My Pc and my Family

Fat Ole me in my old house (about 2 years ago now.)

Angels_Mummy Sep 7th, 2006 06:50 AM

A Little About Me

Name: Jenny

Age: 35

Location: Romford, Essex

Occupation: Full time mum

Short Personal Description: Essex Girl - well old bird now lol. Bit of a mother earth kinda girl. Super sensitive, honest, reliable. Married for 15 years with 3 children - Daisy, Alfi and Stanley and 2 angel babies. Currently pregnant - due April'07.


Hobbies: Internet, Cooking, Chasing my children around the park.

Color: Black

Food: Crispy Aromatic Duck - Choc, Choc, Choc.

Hang-out: Anywhere in the house with a duster in hand.

Music: Cold Play, Stereophonics.... Mostly Brit Bands

Books: Dont read so much anymore - fav book Folk of the Faraway Tree - loved it as a kid.

Movies: Comedies - Fav - Life of Brian

TV Shows: Dont watch too much tele - soaps far too depressing. Bit of a BB and reality tv show freak

Authors:My dad tells the best stories eva!!!

Cartoon Character: Betty Boop

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Australia

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My Mum

Greatest Ambition: For those that i love to know exactly that

Biggest Achievement: Bringing up 3 kids to be wonderful human beings, passing my driving test at 33.

Grandest Wish: For my baby to make it thru this pregnancy.

What You Can't Live Without : My Husband, Family and Children..... and choc!!!! im that shallow hehe


livi Sep 8th, 2006 03:21 AM

This is me.... :D

Name: Livi

Age: 30

Location: Cornwall

Occupation: Children's nurse

Short Personal Description: Fun loving, scatty, desperate for a baby, outdoor loving!!


Hobbies: Cornish Pilot Gig rowing (look it up on google!), being outdoors, going on holiday!

Color: Blue

Food:Am vegetarian. Cereal, mexican, italian.

Hang-out: On the sofa, or on the river/sea

Music: Anything except r&b...hate it hate it!!!

Books: harry Potter, Marienne Keys

Movies: Japanese horror, ghosty things and silly comedies like Airplane/Top secret/Hot shots

TV Shows: Neighbours, Most Haunted, Anything about the natural world

Cartoon Character: Danger Mouse

Digging Deeper:

Country You Wish To Visit The Most: Have been to all my favourites, but would love to see every country in the world. Off to Egypt in December again!

Most Influential Person in Your Life: My dad

Greatest Ambition: To be happy in everything that I do, and to have adventures everyday!

Biggest Achievement: Becoming a nurse, and buying a house all on my own!

Grandest Wish: At the moment, to be happy

What You Can't Live Without : Tea, love, hugs,

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