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xhopefulsoulx Jan 26th, 2013 21:58 PM

buying little things for baby befor pregnancy ?
ive been reading alot on pcos and people who are having trouble trying to concieve and they have said no matter what it takes that they will one day concieve so they still buy small things for a baby here and there befor they re even pregnant like motivating to not give up . is that a good or bad idea ? i have pcos myself and i always look at baby things but never bought anything thanks for reading and any advice is appreciated:flower:

longing Jan 26th, 2013 23:50 PM

Hi, didnt want to read and run,

I think buying the odd thing is perfectly ok, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to do it tho. We have been trying for a while and it does give you hope and renewed sense of purpose. I have bought a hat and a babygrow. I have a friend who bought some socks on her TTC journey, she now has a beautiful boy and she told me that it does feel special everytime she put them on. So go ahead and buy something and I hope you don't have to wait long to see it worn :flower:

Songflower Jan 27th, 2013 00:28 AM

It is honestly w/e works for you. :) Whatever makes you feel more confident and motivates you too keep trying is always the best option. I do not buy things just yet but I sure as heck take a look at every baby store I happen to find myself in. Sometimes shopping even if it is for a baby you didnt have yet can make all the difference in your mood!!! Good luck to you tho, I only wish the best for your future.

Lara310809 Jan 27th, 2013 03:50 AM

I never even went into the baby department until I got pregnant; even when we were TTC#2 i didn't get anything until we were pregnant. But everyone is different and if it helps you or spurs you on then so be it. We don't have space to store things we don't need either though, so that's another reason we can't buy things too early.

cupcaker Jan 27th, 2013 04:31 AM

I agree that it's what works for you personally. I bought one blanket and then felt odd and didn't buy anything else. I can also see it from another view... that it's motivation and encouragement. Completely up to the individual :)

reverie Jan 27th, 2013 06:31 AM

I also have PCOS, but I am confident one way or another we will have a child one day. And babies are expensive. So I have bought some unisex clothing items when I have seen them on clearance (a beautiful newborn sweater for $1 at Gap, yes please!). I have them packed in a box in the basement. If for some reason I am wrong and we don't have a cub someday, they will make perfect shower gifts for someone in our family.

On a side note (but related note) I recently took up quilting and crib quilts and playmats are the perfect size to practice new patterns and techniques. I have a growing stock pile of these as well. I'll use some as gifts, but I'm sure I'll keep some when we get our BFP.

If you do decide to do a little shopping, dont feel weird about it. They will probably assume you are buying for a baby shower, not that it's any of their business. ;)

xhopefulsoulx Jan 27th, 2013 12:34 PM

thanks everyone for your words and i so appreciate it ! makes me feel alot better (: and yesterday i went to walmart and next to the counters they had a tarvel system i always look at if i ended up pregnant with a girl and it was 50% off !! but i wouldnt go that far cuz wen u fall pregnant u never know what ur having lol but i kind of take it as a sign that good things are to happen (: made my day yesterday

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