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lcgoodac Mar 7th, 2013 12:58 PM

Well I didn't originally want another december baby as my DS is born on christmas eve but seen as though we haven't conceived the past few months I just can't give up this month incase this is the month! X

AliKitts Mar 7th, 2013 13:01 PM

yea its best to just keep trying, you never know when it will happen and you shouldnt worry about dates :)

Native_gurl Mar 7th, 2013 14:25 PM

Im 3 DPO now..if I happen to concieve this month my EDD would be November birthday!!..that would be one heck of a birthday gift! :thumbup: baby dust to all!

AliKitts Mar 7th, 2013 14:35 PM

my son was due the 28th november the day before my birthday! but he came the 8th december! i hope we all get our BFP this month!!

rach.jay Mar 7th, 2013 14:44 PM


Originally Posted by Jonesbaby19 (Post 25911217)

This is our last shot at having a baby in 2013.... If we don't hit the jackpot this month, it means that our baby won't be born until 2014. Not having a baby in 2014 is a problem, I mean we'd be super grateful just to have a baby whenever after trying now for 10 cycles now, but there's something mentally satisfying knowing that we will meet our long awaited baby THIS year..... not next year. Call me crazy, but I desperately want our baby here for this Christmas! Also, it's my birthday in December and if we are lucky enough to conceive this month, the EDD will be 8 December... just a couple of days after my birthday. That would be the BEST birthday present ever.


Hi. I am same as you, on cycle 10 and CD4. I had an mc in Jan though so I've only just got my first normal cycle since then. Hoping for a little winter baby :-)

LaShayTTC Mar 7th, 2013 14:53 PM

I'm with you ladies! 2nd round of Clomid this month (NTNP for 10+ years), I used a EDD calc.. and if I miss AF around the 22nd I'll be due around the 27th of December. Eeeep. lol I am more than willing at this point to spend my Christmas Day in a delivery room. Just went in for an u/s today and have 5 mature follies (same as last month). Got my HcG shot, so now lots of BDing and lots of waiting and symptom spotting of course.

Lots & Lots of :dust:

Klandagi Mar 7th, 2013 16:17 PM

Hubby and I missed dtd yesterday, but did bd on early Tuesday morning. I'm definitely oving today and logic tells me we have a great shot, but I'm worried we're out. I want my turkey/santa baby!

sixtwelve09 Mar 7th, 2013 19:49 PM

your chances sound good Klandagi! im pretty sure I conceived my daughter by bding 2 days before O as that was the only day we dtd during that cycle.

Klandagi Mar 7th, 2013 21:40 PM

Thank you SixTwelve09, we dtd tonight also, so we'll see. I know I'm doing well, but logic and emotion never work well hand in hand lol

Spanishtwist Mar 7th, 2013 21:49 PM

Hi everyone... This thread has me super excited... :happydance: I am on cd9 ... I dished out the $ for the clearblue digi ovulating kit... Spno smiley face yet :growlmad: ... Baby dust everywhere.. Santa baby would be the best gift ever,,.. Today I had serious cm on toilet tissue so .. Big O here we come.. I am new to babybumb but sure do appreciate the support... been ttc since the :wedding: 5 months ago... But keep missing my O because my cycles are between 24 and 28 days... Also ... miscarriage 2 years ago at 10 wks.. Any advice would help...

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