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universa_2k Mar 30th, 2013 05:50 AM

Cycle 3 started, anyone wanna be buddies?
So af got me on Thursday, didn't really hold out much hope as got it completely wrong timing wise but o hey ho. Here's to this month, cycle no 3. Now on cd3 and have just ordered myself some more opks and also some conceive plus to try this month. Dh was struggling last cycle because he got sore. :dohh: Sorry tmi but Fx for a bpf this cycle. Anyone wanna be buddies? :flower: its stressing me out slightly having no one to talk to as we decided not to tell anyone we TTC :wacko:

TheNewJZ Mar 31st, 2013 08:26 AM

Hey universa, im approaching cycle 5 of trying and losing hope (I know it's not that long but I'm a little older and scared I could have complications), anyway I think a buddy would be great!!!

I'm on CD5 so were right there together! I just started temping and I'm trying an opk this month too... Lets hope for some bfp!!!

Kath22 Mar 31st, 2013 14:49 PM

Hiya hun :)

I'm on CD1 of Cycle 3 today :( got stomach cramps coming out of my eyeballs. I was just so so upset when I saw my temps dipping. Tried holding onto a bit of hope that it was an extra cold night, fiance was stealing the duvet etc. When I started spotting, I hoped it was late IB. But no... AF has found me.

On a plus side, my second cycle was only 41 days :-D yippeeee!!! As you may remember, my first cycle was 122 days, with no O! So I was chuffed to bits that I actually O'd :-D we obviously didn't catch it in time :-/

I'm thinking of taking Pregnacare this cycle. FF suggests I have a 13 day luteal phase - so I googled it, and saw that it 'should' be around 14-17 days. So I panicked a bit. I think its maybe my body still getting back to normal, so maybe this cycle will be a bit more normal. It may still be early for me to panic, but I can't help it :-/

How are you feeling?? I was crying this morning with my bad stomach. Then I came home to the news that my brother's best friend's girlfriend is pregnant... And I just errupted!! My brother's REALLY confused, as he doesn't know we're trying. My mother thinks I'm being way overly dramatic. My fiance just rolled his eyes lol. But right now I'm SO emotional, I've got hormones raging, and I just can't help it.

We've been trying for almost 6mths now, and it just seems that so many people around us are pregnant or having babies :(


universa_2k Mar 31st, 2013 15:07 PM

Hey, thanks for replying.
I've had a bit of a strange af this month really, spotting for a couple of days then af but now really light so no idea what's happened really. No cramps or headache which is weird to but onwards I go.
Newj your right I guess 5 cycles isn't long compared to 'the norm' but it is when you so want it! Let's hope its a bpf for us :)
Kath, yay for the shorter cycle this time I remember how stressed you were waiting for af 1st time round at 122 days! I kept clinging onto hope when I spotted for a few days before she arrived but I couldn't even rely on my temps as I was poorly and they went all over the place for the last days of my cycle.
But I'm feeling good, dh is looking forward to the arrival of conceive plus and I'm hoping for better o symptoms this cycle!

Newj let's hope the opks do there job properly as I haven't actually managed to catch a + yet, and I think you will find temping really helpful. I certainly did last cycle as it was 1st time I'd done it I learnt so much.

Let's hope for out bpfs very soon xx

TheNewJZ Mar 31st, 2013 16:17 PM

Congrats Kath on the shorter cycle! I've had somewhat reg cycles in length but just starting temping and will be using opks this month so who knows if I'm actually ovulating.

Universa, I know the feeling of a weird AF. This past cycle I swore I was preg. Every symptom was there. Then I spotted dark brown for about 5-6 days (extremely light) and prayed it was IB like you ladies, but then AF showed... Only showed for
2 days now here I am. Instill don't really get it as I always bleed for 5 but I'm just trying to let it go and start a new month. I guess we'll see!

Kath22 Mar 31st, 2013 16:32 PM

It's funny, with my 1st cycle, as soon as I started to spot (eventually lol!) I was like YES this is IT!!!!! Now, with my second cycle, I was like 'naaaaaah, it coooould be IB, I cooooould be pregnant'. Then my temps kept dropping + this morning I just laughed when I saw how low it was. I was like 'omg I can't lie to myself anymore dammit!!'

TTC does crazy things to us ;-)

Come on cycle 3!! This could be it!!!! I hope soooo soooooo much!!!! Xx

universa_2k Apr 2nd, 2013 10:18 AM

So true ladies, I was so convinced on Sunday that I was pregnant that I did a test - I left it and forgot i'd done it went back later that day to 2 lines!
Needless to say I did another yesterday but was negative within the time frame but again, a line later when I went back - I put them both down to evaps but I feel like absolute rubbish! Sick, tired, headache, tender bbs you name it since I stated to 'bleed' on Thursday but I know what you mean about clinging on although my temp is waay down now.

Onwards and upwards to this cycle though - how are you both feeling today?

Kath22 Apr 2nd, 2013 10:36 AM

Hiya hun, my temps are way low too. Its horrible. I keep getting upset thinking of babies, hearing of friends getting pregnant/giving birth. Although I've always wanted kids, a few years ago I was like 'I never ever want to go through giving birth naturally, c section all the way' lol, well right now I want so much to be a mum, I want children with my stunning fiance so much, and I even want to give birth. I'm actually getting myself in the frame of mind, is that weird??? Its always been one of those things that we'd all go 'ewww, shut up!!' If someone brought it up. But now I find myself actually talking about birth, babies, nappies, screaming babies, lol omg its nuts!!

I always assumed when I wanted to start TTC, it would be quick and easy. Ya know, unprotected sex = pregnancy. But it doesn't :-/ my fiance kinda rolls his eyes when I start going off on one about it all! He's like 'you're only 25'. But he knows I always said I wanted kids by the time I was 25. Even though its only a few months into 2013, we've already passed the deadline for a 2013 baby :-/ not that it makes much difference, but a 2014 baby sounds so far away.

Oh dear, I didn't mean to start ranting. Its so hard not having anyone really to talk to about it :-/ I'm having a catch up with one of my friends at the end of the week, and I think I'm gonna let rip and pour my heart out :(

Hope you're doing ok xx

loveforlife Apr 2nd, 2013 12:44 PM

Come on Easter Bunny!!
Hi girls!!

Im starting Cycle 3 too!! Today is CD2 :D so after putting myself together with the disappointment of AF coming yesterday I have built my hopes up again for this cycle and wishing April brings me my Easter Bunny :bunny:

I read you are using an opk, what brand do you use?? Ive never used them before but Id like to try them, you know, to do that little extra thing :D

It is so nice to have other girls around going through the same rollercoaster!!

Wishing you the best grils!!!!


TheNewJZ Apr 2nd, 2013 21:34 PM

Hey love,

I just purchase clear blue digital. It's dummy proof with a smiley face on the days you o! I needed the least amount of interpretation so I didn't stress.

In now on cd7 and can't wait to get to the point of "o" so we can hopefully get out bfp!!!

GL to you! I'll keep my fx!!! :)

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