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Kath22 Aug 8th, 2013 05:39 AM

Hey hun! America was lovely thank you!! Visited my brother and had a lovely break. I'm hoping to go away on a last minute sunny holiday in October with my fiancé :-)

I'm still not pregnant either!! Currently 10mths into TTC. I haven't had AF since march - and even that was only for 4 days. Before then I'd only had a few days of spotting here and there that I don't think I can really class as AF :-/ I'm seeing a doctor in 2 weeks, hopefully I can get something to bring on AF. I've been off the forums completely, tried just going with the flow and not planning it but that hasn't worked for me.

How's things with you? How was your holiday?? Hope you're ok xx

universa_2k Aug 8th, 2013 06:42 AM

Hey hun, my holiday was really good thanks, seems aaages ago now!! Bet it was good to see your brother. Where are you thinking of going in October?

Sorry your still TTC and not having a regular af, blimey March is a long time! You must be going out of your mind!! Surely the doctor would be able to give you something now, thats not normal is it. Things in that part are really good for me, having normal regular cycles. I had completely cooled things off with the ttc, stayed away from the forums, stopped temping and stopped the opks thinking that it might help! But since may its still not happened! Sooo, i'm temping and opking again this cycle. I think i've messed up tho as I seem to have o'd already on cd14 which is earlier than normal for me! Tuesday the OPK couldnt even see the 2nd line hardly, yesterday it was dark but not positive but had pains which i figured were o pains but this morning my temp has gone up so think we've missed the boat again this cycle! OH wasn't into bding on Monday/Tuesday and last night I guess we were too late! So frustrating! But this is cycle 7 for us xxxx

Kath22 Aug 9th, 2013 13:34 PM

I don't know where to go in oct yet, somewhere hot and sunny :-) I have this dream of getting pregnant out there - or better, find out I'm pregnant while on hols. But I have to admit I really don't even see myself ever getting pregnant now. It's all I've ever wanted and I now don't believe it will happen. I never thought it would take this long - and who's to say that it won't take 2, 3, 4 years etc. it's horrible to go through.

You never know with opks, you can time it perfectly and still not get preggers, you can also think 'oh well I've missed it' and then get preggers!!


universa_2k Aug 23rd, 2013 03:42 AM

Hi Kath

Hope your doing ok, did you go to the drs? Don't give up hun x :flower:

I'm going insane!!! Ff says I o'd on cd13, which means with my 13 day lp I was due af on Wednesday - its now friday and no sign at all! 16 dpo! I did an ic this morning which was a stark white :bfn: , although it was smu. I don't know what to think! My cycles are generally between 29 & 31 days, today is day 29.
EVERYTHING pointed to FF being right with the early o, all my 'signs' we there like I gained weight that week for no reason, I always pee frequently when o'ing, cm, opk's etc.

But i'm so torn that I don't normally o that early and my temping hasnt been very consistant so I can't even really go by that, other than that I had a clear rise but drops afterwards :dohh: I've been feeling really off and truly believed this morning that I was going to get my bfp. I'm thinking that if she is a no show today, i'll test with a frer with fmu tomorrow. :wacko: I don't know how good ic's really are? There seems to be mixed opinions.

Aaaaaaaaghhh!!!! Why does it have to be sooooooo confusing!!!

Anyways hun, hope your doing ok, and pleease don't give up. You will get there :thumbup:

Kath22 Aug 24th, 2013 08:39 AM

Hi Hun,

I don't know how reliable anything is any more lol!! I think the best thing is to go with gut instincts - so many people tell me they just "knew" when they got pregnant. I used to have that "feeling" when I started, but I will 100% be honest with myself now and say that I was just too hopeful, and putting the own idea into my head. I do feel very silly about how I was at the start of this journey... any cramp or every time I went to pee, I was like omg this is it I am soooooo pregnant. I suppose when we do eventually get there then we will know the difference.

I would just hold out until AF arrived or is late, and then test. You never know :-) I haven't done OPKs or temps since April I think. I can't be bothered with it. I'm not even having periods, so there's no point in me wasting time and money on it. I'm not even hoping for a baby any more, just a period so that I can feel normal.

I went to docs cos I had a really bad stomach last week, for about 6days, it was sore to touch and it was making a hell of a noise! Felt like I had wind when I didn't. Turns out I think it was a bug cos I was sick too. Well the doc told me there was nothing on earth she could give me that would bring on a period - which is complete rubbish!! She said I would have to wait, and she even suggest I lose weight. Over the last 7 years I've gone from a UK 10-12, to a 14-16 - I'm a stone lighter at the moment than I was at my heaviest. She told me point blank that I will most probably get a period if I lose weight. I was furious. How many women out there are morbidly obese and have periods and babies????? I was so upset - yes I will continue to lose weight as I was already onto it, but I can't believe she told me that it was most probably the reason for me not having a period. It was like she was certain!!!!!!

I don't even know what to think anymore. I'm thinking of buying something online to encourage a period, but then I'm worried in case it causes more harm than good - I at least thought that if I had something prescribed then it would be ok.

Oh well!! Hope you're ok chick, good luck :-) xxxxxxxx

loveforlife Aug 26th, 2013 11:41 AM

Hi girls!!!

It´s so nice to see you´re still in touch through this thread!! I think is great you both have been on vacations, that time away with HD or on one´s own are so necessary every once in a while and really fill you up with new energy and leave you powered....

Don´t get discouraged if you haven´t got your babies yet.... for what i´ve come to know you through this thread I am certain you are incredible women who will make incredible moms, i´m sure your babies are just waiting for the perfect timing. Hang in there!!

Hope you have a nice week!!


universa_2k Sep 9th, 2013 04:19 AM

Hi Kath

Sorry for the delay in replying, I stayed away from the forum again after the :witch: got me!

How rude of your doctor and what a pile of poo!! :growlmad: Of course there is something that she could give you to bring on your period, does she not realise that she cannot talk rubbish anymore because we can find out whatever we wish on the internet, and from many of the ladies chatting on here, we all know that there is something you can take!!! Grrr!!!

And to blame your weight, well that is just taking the absolute mickey!
I for one can vouch for that! When I first came off the pill at the beginning of the year, I was very overweight wearing a size 20 and I got my period back straight away,as you know!! I have since lost over 2.5 stones and am now a size 16 but this has NEVER interfered with my period and I definately don't see that as the reason why I am not yet pregnant! You are right that there are many many women who are very overweight (more so than you and me!) and they have normal periods and healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!

Can you not see another doctor because surely to not have a period for over 6 months is not normal :nope: I have read many things about herbal pills bringing on a period, many say its brilliant, others haven't really seen a difference. I dunno, I guess it just depends on how you feeling hun :wacko:

I think you are right in not opk'ing etc, its just added stress that you do not need as that isn't going to help is it? I was gonna start again properly this cycle, but just couldn't be bothered to be honest!!

I hope you are doing ok, I really do xx

universa_2k Sep 9th, 2013 04:22 AM

Hey Love, its great to hear from you!

How are you doing, how is the pregnancy going? I bet you have a cute little bump by now?
Thank you for the lovely words, I am sure you are right, I am being very impatient at the moment, everyone around me seems to be announcing their pregnancies and its really getting on my nerves! Lol but we can just hope that when the time is right, we will get our little bundles of joy xxx

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