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TheNewJZ Apr 2nd, 2013 21:40 PM

Kath and universa, I think it's safe to say we're all feeling the same. Upset and disappointed. I know we're all trying to stay positive but only speaking for myself all I want to do is throw myself a pity party.
I too thought it would be instant preggos, why did our parents lie when they said it only takes one unprotected night to get pregnant... Well I've had many nights unprotected with my DH and NOTHING!!! Honestly, I just want to cry lately.

To top matters, a girl I work with got preg on her honeymoon and isn't happy at all. She supposedly wanted to wait a year and was like... I'd give IT to you if I could. IT!!! Really?

Ok rant done. Lol

loveforlife Apr 2nd, 2013 22:50 PM

Hi JZ!! Thanks for the recommendation, I will go get them tomorrow... and see what happens.......

I also thought getting pregnant would be so much easier, specially after listening all those stories of girls that donīt even want to get pregnant and just do...... on top of it I DID get preg on my honeymoon!! i thought goosh thatīs just so amazing and IT IS so easy and "they lived happily ever after" and all, but it didnīt turn out right, and suddenly after a punch of reality realized it is not that simple.... speaking for myself, i think maybe thereīs something I still need to do or learn or accept or figure out or... Iīm really not sure..... but it will happen.... for all of us...sooo, bottom line I think is to keep positive and truely believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything has its right time, and we will all get our turn.

Geez... this was just a thank you note for the opk recommendation and turned out to be a five kilometer post.... hahaha sorry!! :shrug:

Good night!! :sleep:

universa_2k Apr 3rd, 2013 06:15 AM


I know what you mean completely, my dh is exactly the same when I talk about babies, he's like oh great this again! But its ok for them! He has only decided he wanted to start a family a few months ago, i've been wanting this for years! I'm 27 atm, 28 this year so I just wanna get started ya know!? :wacko: No one knows that we're trying, its so hard not having anyone to talk to so its great to come on and chat to you ladies :flower:

NJ thats well off, how heartbreaking your collegue saying that! Some ppl are just unbelieveable! :growlmad: The clearblue sounds really good but i've got some internet cheapies on the way so will have to stick to them for a bit - i'm hoping that I can catch the surge this time so we can get the best chance possible - who ever throught baby making would be so tiring! I always thought 'yeah, we'll just bd and bam, we'll have a baby!' How wrong and I totally agree about the girlies that have a one night stand and end up pregnant when they dont even want it! And the thing that REALLY annoys me is you see people about who are sooooo horrible to their children, swearing and cursing at them and they have been given the blessing of those babies - then there's us who just desperately want a baby to love and care for and are trying sooooooo hard!! RAH! :growlmad: Rant over lol

Hope your all ok today, and welcome love xx

Kath22 Apr 3rd, 2013 15:28 PM

Hi girls!!!!

Ahhhh its fab that I'm not the only crazy one ;-) lol!!

Thenewjz - I constantly feel sorry for myself. Jeeeez, on the weekend when I found out a friend is pregnant, I errupted. Had a full on tantrum. And people thought I was mad. I thought omg you should be pittying me and feeling sorry for me :-O but nope, they just think I'm a drama queen - which I am lol! But that's not the point :-D I actually work with 2 girls who've BOTH just gone off on maternity leave. Its so hard to pretend not to be that interested in all the baby talk :-/

Loveforlife - sorry it didn't work out before :( I hope we get our BFPs soon! It is so annoying when people get pregnant from one night stands :( I mean, my sister in law missed one or two BCPs, and now my niece is 2!!! She's amazing, but I do get teary lately when I'm with her. I'm finding it hard not to be so emotional. I really do try to cover it up, especially as not many people know we're TTC. But its so damn hard :(

Universa_2k - god I know what you mean about people being horrible to their kids. I've literally seen a teenage mother screaming and swearing at a tiny baby in a pram before. Omg whaaaat!!!! It was crazy!!! Me and my mum stopped when we saw it, I was almost crying. What on earth could that baby have possibly done to deserve that??? Omg don't get me started lol!! I can't wait to be a mummy, and I look at people like that and think 'how did they get from here, to there?!?!'

Girls, let's hope this cycle is our cycle!! I've had a few others on other threads announce their BFPs, and while I'm chuffed for them, I want to announce my own!!

My AF is withering away now, light today yippee!! So we're gonna get back on it soon, really gonna try our best this cycle!!! Fingers crossed!!! Come on BFPs!!!!!!!


loveforlife Apr 3rd, 2013 15:49 PM

Hi girls,

I am so glad to feel less alone on this,:hugs: DH is really supportive and I know he tries to be as understanding as he can, but of course there are some things he just doesnīt get as a guy... and letīs face it, not all girls get it too, theyīre either too pregnant or just not into babies lol

Anyways, yesterday was cd2 and i just felt so devastated because the idea got into me that I was having another early mc, though I donīt really have any particular clues to jump into that conclusion.... I think Iīm just paranoid... but seriously I thought I was going tu burst in the middle of work, so I came back home to DH and cried for a while, then I did some meditations and slept.

Today I decided to start Reiki therapy, Iīve done this before just not focused on fertility...Donīt know if it works or not, but hey! thereīs nothing to lose, in fact, it will sure help with relaxation and keeping calm... yesterdayīs storm made me realize nothing good comes from frustration, not for the relationship with DH, not for myself and not for the folicules.... so for the sake of healty ovulation, No more getting frustrated!! :rain:

How are you all feeling today???


Kath22 Apr 3rd, 2013 16:03 PM

That's a nice positive attitude to have :)

Its good that you're into meditation + reiki! I heard accupuncture is meant to help with TTC. I find things like that stress me out more lol! I'm not very good at 'chilling out' or being pampered hehe!

I'm on CD4 today. Really waiting impatiently to start BDing again. I'm not very patient. I'd like to fast forward to the TWW, and get it over with!!! Trying to be positive for this cycle though. Even though I was convinced last cycle was 'the one'. Ugh!


TheNewJZ Apr 3rd, 2013 18:50 PM

I feel the same! But I'm slightly more happy today as I got a flashing smiley face on my opk so I'm at the start of my o! I thought it was a little early but maybe that's my problem, maybe I just o earlier than I calculated. We're bd'ing later no matter what lol so keep all fx for me!

loveforlife Apr 3rd, 2013 21:00 PM


Originally Posted by TheNewJZ (Post 26495843)
I feel the same! But I'm slightly more happy today as I got a flashing smiley face on my opk so I'm at the start of my o! I thought it was a little early but maybe that's my problem, maybe I just o earlier than I calculated. We're bd'ing later no matter what lol so keep all fx for me!

HOOOOORAY for you JZ!!! Fingers crossed, good vibes, best wishes and lots and lots of baby dust!!!

Good luck & have fun!! lol



TheNewJZ Apr 4th, 2013 04:44 AM

Thank you!!! We bd'd last night and will again if there's another smiley today (hopefully)...

I'm trying smep (google it, super doable) this month too. A pp mentioned it, you ladies ever try it?

universa_2k Apr 4th, 2013 14:10 PM

Hey ladies, glad your all doing ok. Meditation sounds really good although I'm also not good at that kind of thing! Well ladies, I'm really confused and slightly peeved! After my weird af of a few days spotting, full on cold, light and weird af I was really poorly Tuesday night (sick, cramps, tired beyond anything normal!) Today I have brown cm spotting again, achy back and tummy and pains in my bbs. I have no idea what's going on and dh can't work out what I'm stressing over! ARGH! Thinking if this continues I might have to pay a visit to the Drs :wacko:dohh:

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