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TTCaWee1 Mar 31st, 2013 22:13 PM

April BD's BRING May BFPs!!
Hello Ladies - Welcome new comers and welcome back to my BnB besties!
I am Rachel, I am on my 8th cycle ttc #1. DH is 30 and I'll be 30 on April 20th!
I am hoping for an early BFP birthday present or a belated BFP birthday present! I am currently 1 dpo. After many months of getting my hopes up and being let down, I have decided to stop temping, stop OPKing and basically just BD and see what happens....but we'll see how that goes lol.

TTCaWee1 Mar 31st, 2013 22:27 PM

By sticking together for the last few months, some of us call each other by our first's a list of us (let me know if I missed someone)

TTc - Rachel
Hoping - Kyla
Lausie - Laura
Jury - Julie
Bubs - Emily
Pdx - Sonia
Golds - Nikki
HWPG - Mirolee
Over - Alissa
Clynn - Cassidy
NDT - Nichole
White - Lydia
Robert - Amanda
Mummy - Simone
Waves - Waves
Brightly - Kristina
Iwanna - Rachel #2

goldstns Mar 31st, 2013 22:39 PM

I'm here!!! Rachel- love the name. My fav season is spring. I hope for a bfp because IV always dreamt garage sale shopping for baby stuff.

I'm Nikki...
I'm 28, dh is 25
I am being treated for high prolactin (hopefully its going to be normal levels this month!!)
Dh has 0% morphology from sa...and is on 15 vit
This will probe be our last cycle (aka aprils cycle) before iui (at least that's what doc offered...but well see how I fell about keep trying naturally)

I'm currently 10dpo...testing tue/wed

clynn11 Mar 31st, 2013 22:49 PM

I'm here too! I hope April brings tons of BFPs!

I'm Cassidy, 22, DF is 25- we're getting married in July on our 7 year anniversary. Currently either 9dpo or 7dpo and hoping for a BFP! This is cycle 4 TTC after a year NTNP.

BTW ladies, DF and I are contemplating calling off the wedding, and just making it official and planning a trip around Europe with the funds instead. I'm seriously considering it lol. I just think the money could be put to better use on an extended honeymoon instead of one day, ya know? Plus i'm really not a planner and have been procrastinating and my mom is not helping in any way I thought she would. I'd love to see Paris, Rome, etc. and this may be my only chance in life.

TTCaWee1 Mar 31st, 2013 23:05 PM

If I could go back, I probably wouldn't mind taking ALL that money and putting it towards a badass vacation. But, on the flip side, I do loooove looking at my wedding pictures and all the memories that they hold. I see both sides.

jury3 Mar 31st, 2013 23:28 PM

I'm Julie.
I'm 29, DW is 28.
We are using a known donor and at-home insemination.
This will be our 4th cycle ttc #1.
Plan this month: get on a healthier track/lose a few lbs and possibly get checked out to make sure everything is as it should be with my body.


Originally Posted by TTCaWee1 (Post 26430611)
Julie - I just made an appt with an RE. I think it just depends on your insurance. I went in, talked to the RE, told him I really just wanted to start out with labs and an HSG. He agreed. But also offered meds and IUI next cycle. My OB on the other hand, told me to come back after a year. I went "over his head" on my own and made my own RE appt. My pregnant friend who is also a lesbian, went to the RE before starting to try, but they did IUI with donor sperm. But they did do an HSG in the very beginning. I think that going would be a good idea. Just because you have a limited supply of spermies and if I were you I wouldn't want to try for a year, just to find out that I had blocked tubes or something...ya know? I'm sure that everything is kosher but better safe than sorry. Thats how my friend looked at it...she wanted to make sure everything was golden before shelling out 5 grand to try to get pregnant.


Originally Posted by goldstns (Post 26430623)
Julie- not sure with ur insurance, but I just googled a fertility specialist in my area and just went. They said if your goal is to have a kid then I was making an apt at the right place. I didn't need any referrals. But I also already knew I had a bit of issues with my hormones. Once I was at doc apt they had a list of things to test at first apt and then they go from there depending on results. They took like 5-8 viles of ... I could look up everything they tested if you want to know. I understand some of the tests but not all.

I think I will call and see what I can get set up this week and see what my insurance will cover. I don't think I need anything invasive, just to test my hormone levels and maybe an ultrasound or something to make sure everything is as it should be. It's just like you said, Rachel, we don't have an unlimited supply of sperm, so I'd rather not waste time and wait a year. The less time we have to inconvenience our donor the better. It's not that I even think something might be wrong, but why not find out ahead of time so we can take care of it now. Honestly, I wish more doctor's would recommend doing that...if they were willing and wanted to do it/could afford it, why not save all that time! Thanks for the encouragement ladies, I was afraid people would say I was crazy! Even my mom was like, "check with insurance and if it isn't crazy, go for it!" lol

jury3 Mar 31st, 2013 23:34 PM

Cassidy-I may not be the best person to give advice bc I'm not a big wedding person...therefore, I say skip the big wedding and take the vacation! Have a small courthouse thing, have a small dinner/bbq with closest friends and family and then enjoy your time together on a honeymoon! Weddings are full of stress and you usually end up with a bunch of people there who you really don't know or really care that much about. I love the more intimate type setting. I also think weddings are crazy expensive and ridiculous! Don't get me wrong, I loved our wedding and had a blast, but it was bigger and way less intimate than I wanted (in-laws paid and planned the whole thing for the most part...). It would have been amazing if they would have spent half that money toward a really nice vaca for us instead! lol

TTCaWee1 Mar 31st, 2013 23:43 PM

Julie, I felt the same way but who cares what anyone else thinks? Even if you did feel something is wrong, we all know our bodies and its important to listen to them because usually, the message means something...

pdxmom Apr 1st, 2013 00:23 AM

Hi girls,
here i am....glad tht im continuing this journey with ull even tho im in limbo land right now...

Im 30 amd dh is gonna turn 30 this april..we r waiting to try after a miscarriage in february for which i had to get a methotroxate shot...we r goin to get bak in the ttc wagon in june...till them im having fun with u girls :)

Cassidy...i love the idea of the small wedding cos i had such a big ass wedding tht dh and me didnt even know the names of more than 60% of the guests...both parents paid for the wedding but 700 people was really realy huge...i wish they had given us all tht money and we wud have done so so many other things....and girl if rome and paris is on your mind just do in love with other city in the world tht enthrals me more...dh and me never wanted to leave wen we went there in was on our europe trip tht we started ntnp... defly say to go and get your tests makes u feel so much better once u know..watever comes out at least u case scenerio is tht all will b well and tht will keep your mind so much at ease and everything will work better wen we r not stressed...all the best hun...

jury3 Apr 1st, 2013 00:44 AM

What kind of tests have you girls had done or what would you suggest? Do you know about how much they were? I don't think my insurance covers any fertility related things...

Cassidy- I second what Sonia said! lol

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