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surreysharon Sep 22nd, 2009 14:20 PM

Ladies - need help as got a BFP but its all a bit weird
Hi ladies
(its a long one)

Ive posted a bit in the last couple of days as i was confused over my +opks a few days in a row but temps low. I have had really bad cramping in my stomach/ovaries since since yesterday morning and today i felt heady so i thought i would get a HPT to just see as i know OPKs show up positive when you are pregnant sometimes. Anyway done it this evening and it went staight to positive (clearblue). Its a big fat blue cross. Because i was confused as only on Day 14 of my cycle i just went to get a digital clearblue with conception indicator and it said pregnant 2-3 weeks !

I know in theory i should just go 'yeahhhhh' but i kinda dont believe it and think something is wrong.. to explain a bit more:-

Last cycle was a mammoth 59 day cycle (always have long ones) and i ovulated on 29th August. 11 day luteal phase (i thought) and got my 'period' on 9th September. Bled for 5 days and finished last Tuesday 15th September. Was heavy enough for towel and tampax (doh!) sometimes and had clots on the Monday 14th Sept (usual for me).

Anyway i started to get ovulation pains on last Thursday 17th Sept and so brought some more OPKs to gear up for this coming month. I started to check on saturday just gone and got Positive every day since. Then yesterday started to get crampy with really painful spasms. Got a little better by this morning but its coming and going (but manageable really.... worse when i carry something)

So please help with opinions. I know a BFP is a BFP but im convinced its all gone wrong and its either a chemical pregnancy or ectopic cos how can i be pregnant with my period a few days back ... what do you think?

Also.... i was taking agnus castus from cd1 - cd11 - whoops !

sausages Sep 22nd, 2009 14:23 PM

A lot of women bleed in early pregnancy. In fact, when i was pregnant with my second i had a LOT of bleeding right around when AF was due even though i'd got my BFP a few days previous. I was convinced i was loosing her. I had cramps, red blood and clots, but it was over in a few days.

If you are still concerned i would go to your GP and tell them what happened. They might book you in for an early scan. :)

DragonMummy Sep 22nd, 2009 14:25 PM

No idea hun but best of luck to you. Speak to your GP. xxx

puppymom32 Sep 22nd, 2009 14:29 PM

Definetly go the the Dr I have had to ectopics and you really dont want to take a chance sounds like what I went throught with my first but I never took a test because I thought it was just my period untilt he pain got worse and worse. Better safe than sorry. FXX everything comes out OK.

mrphyemma Sep 22nd, 2009 14:33 PM

I had "periods" for the first 3 months of my 1st pregnancy so didn't know I was pregnant for 4 months (until I got a belly). I don't remember having any pains though so just to be sure I would go see your gp love. x

surreysharon Sep 22nd, 2009 15:03 PM

Thanks... got a doctors appointment for friday evening so see how i go before then

ineedaseed Sep 22nd, 2009 15:39 PM

good luck for docs hun, keep us updated xx

WelshRose Sep 22nd, 2009 15:44 PM

Heaps of luck for your docs appointment, I hope all is ok :hugs:

Liz2 Sep 22nd, 2009 15:45 PM

I dunno but I am glad you are going to see the doc. Best of luck!

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