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Mimi85 Aug 30th, 2013 13:29 PM

I managed to eat lunch!! had some chinese food :)

Welcome and congrats Perseids!! seems like we all have really close due dates

LeahLou, hope this insurance thing settles itself out, it sucks to have to worry about things like that

ttclou25 Aug 30th, 2013 13:33 PM

Great lunch :thumbup:

LeahLou Aug 30th, 2013 14:05 PM

So jealous of your lunch Mimi!!

LeahLou Aug 30th, 2013 18:40 PM

Made a list of May Mommies and our due dates!! If y'all need me to update or change anything let me know!!

Mimi85 Aug 30th, 2013 19:50 PM

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yay LeahLou!! looks great :) really makes it official doesnt it ?? hehe im all excited now!

just got back from a much needed facial, it was so relaxing, just what I needed:thumbup:

Im having a POAS addiction at the moment!! ahhh lol here is my peestick porn :P

LeahLou Aug 30th, 2013 20:11 PM

Yes it does!! I'm ready to have my little belly!! Haha :)

Jealous! OH gave me a foot rub the other night though :cloud9:

Looking good!!

I'm debating on whether to go get 1 or 2 more FRERs to see how dark the line's getting :blush: Should I???

ttclou25 Aug 31st, 2013 00:58 AM

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Im such a Addict with testing too i have tested every day since finding out BUT i ran to loo this morning and peed before i could think to test as i need to stop im so obsessed with the darkness of the lines and that at 5 weeks they should be darker :wacko::wacko:

ece77 Aug 31st, 2013 03:42 AM

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Good morning ladies,

Perseids - Welcome :hi:. My symptoms come and go all the time and even when they come they are quite mild. Everyone says it's quite normal early on in pregnancy ;)

Leah - Glad spotting stopped. Hope it won't ever come back :). Also, hope you sort out the insurance thing soon. It mustn't add extra stress! And thanks for the front page due dates list :hugs:

And about POAS addiction! I don't know of much women who can resist that! I'm poas'ing regularly since I found out! And sometimes twice a day :rofl:

You can see hpt's below. I was using fmu but today, just on a whim I also tested with smu and it came much darker! I also did an opk with the same sample (the most bottom one), and the test line got that colour in 3 seconds I think.So I'd really suggest smu, without drinking much liquids in between.

HannahGraceee Aug 31st, 2013 06:10 AM

I can't stop testing either :shock: I bought 30 the day I found out and now have 4 left :/

Mimi85 Aug 31st, 2013 07:03 AM

hi girls!

ttclou: dont worry too much about those tests, they get darker to a certain point and then dont get any darker, I think your progression is perfect :thumbup:

ece: awesome lines!! look at the test line being darker than control line ;)

Hannah: yep, I had bought wayyy too many tests (like a bag of 100 ICs and 8 FRER) and I have none left after 2 cycles :blush:

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