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Rei Apr 19th, 2014 19:02 PM

Wow...unexpected oops >.> *update
Okay this is a question for all the women out there who have had children before. So my husband and I have been kind of lazy with the birth control methods this month and right now I am late for my period. I took a test, and yes I know blue dye tests are evil but I happened to have one left over from a while back and wasn't expired. So I took it with second morning urine and I got a faint blue line almost immediately. At first I thought it was an evap because of how thin it was but then it widened up. Grant it it's faint I mean I have to see it under natural light but it's definitely there.

My question is, do you think it could be a BFP or do you think it's just an evil blue dye being an evil blue dye.


So I got my AF two days later and it was only spotting to a VERY light flow for two days and I only needed panty liners. Still showed negative on a EPT. And now I'm experiencing slight cramping on nauseating a day after my two day period ended. Should I wait a week and try testing again?

Reidfidleir Apr 19th, 2014 20:45 PM

Bfp :) congrats! A line is a line

Reidfidleir Apr 19th, 2014 20:47 PM

Share a pic if you can. But that sounds like a def baby is coming

staralfur Apr 19th, 2014 21:17 PM

A line after you've already missed your period is likely a BFP. I was really hesitant to believe my line was an actual line, so I took a digital and that certainly cleared things up. ;)

Girly922 Apr 20th, 2014 00:20 AM

I've personally never had a problem with a blue dye test but I know plenty have. Sounds like a bfp but I'd get a digi just to make sure :thumbup:

HKateH Apr 20th, 2014 08:53 AM

I've had an evap with blue dye - thin, blue line. However if you're also late, my guess would be BFP. Take a pink dye/digital to make sure.

Rei Apr 20th, 2014 09:20 AM

Thank you girls! Just took another test this morning and it was a BFN. T_T but I still don't have my period and it was the same brand of test so I'll wait a few more days and see what happens. If I don't get my period i'll take a Digital
It wouldn't be the first time I would have gotten a false positive on a blue dye tests but...we'll see..... >.>

Noodlebear Apr 20th, 2014 10:04 AM

EDIT: I see you've taken another test, sorry. I only trust digital ones now as I've taken a couple where the test line has been faint but definitely visible.

Rei Apr 20th, 2014 13:12 PM

thank you for the reply but yeah. AF still hasn't arrived but i'm gonna wait and take a digi. They are just so expensive >.< but I rather just have something tell me "pregnant" or "not pregnant" XD

Rei Apr 21st, 2014 12:36 PM

still no period and i'm not even cramping anymore. The last few days I was cramping in the morning (nothing horrible but definitely uncomfortable) and now i'm not even cramping. My breasts are still sore but not as sore as they used to be...hmmmm.....this is weird. If still no AF by tomorrow I'll take another test.

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