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mh_ccl Apr 28th, 2014 00:49 AM

Difference between preparing for section vs. preparing for natural birth?
Since my baby is still breech at 38 weeks and all attempts to turn it have failed, it looks like I'll be getting a section.

I've read lots of advice on planning for a natural birth, but feel like some of it may not apply for a section.

For example, I know I'll need heavy pads for bleeding, but will I need to make padsicles? Won't my vagina essentially be OK if I haven't actually fine through any labor? Will the first poop still really hurt?

I'm starting from scratch with my preparations, but I only have a week to figure everything out. Help!

RcdM Apr 29th, 2014 17:45 PM

LOL you won't need need padsicles. One thing you can get, which I got in the hospital, is one of those compression wraps. Sorry, I can't remember what they're called. But while you're healing, when you cough or sneeze, it feels like your stitches/staples are going to burst open! It won't, obviously, but the wrap goes around your belly and helps keep things feeling "held together" and I believe it also helps with shrinking your belly a bit.

The first poop won't hurt like, down there, but it is scary... again, mostly because you feel like if you push down too hard your incision is going to burst open. It's a little painful to put pressure near your incision area but after a while the pain is less and it won't bother you too much. I don't know that there's really anything you can bring to prepare for that.

For me, I had an emcs at 30 weeks so I was not even prepared, had no bag with me, nothing. I had my SO bring a change of clothes for me to go home in, which was very loose fitting yoga pants that were very high waisted, and a t-shirt. You won't want anything tight fitting, but if you leave your bandage on when you go home, nothing should really rub against the incision area. I think I wore baggy/stretchy yoga pants for 2 weeks straight after that.

Hmm what else... I had my SO bring everything, from tooth brush/tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner, hair brush, even a little makeup - not like I was trying to get all done up, but you can't shower for a day or two so you feel gross and really just want to freshen up. I guess it depends how long of a stay you have, but I stayed for 5 days after. I also had a blanket from home for myself, and an extra pillow.

I can't really think of anything else, hopefully that helps! Good luck! :)

sept10 Apr 30th, 2014 17:39 PM

You will need the pads for bleeding and comfy PJs and clothes...forget jeans or anything with a band that could rub you. In the UK at least you stay in for 3 days so enough change of clothes and toiletries...including clothes for baby. Other preparations if you plan on breast feeding check out some ideas for feeding positions such as rugby hold and side by side in cade your tummy is sore and make sure you enquire prior to your section if you wish to have skin to skin in theatre and feed baby in recovery! One thing I kept forgetting is what pain killers I had taken and when so invest in a little notebook to keep track and remind yourself what to take and when...I found as long as i took what I was supposed to I had no pain at all. Good luck x

RcdM May 1st, 2014 10:44 AM

Yes you will still need pads for bleeding but not frozen ones! They gave me everything at the hospital for pads and stuff, and when I got home I went to the store about bought the heavy duty super thick overnight pads. I bought 2 packs because I wanted to be prepared but I only bled for another week and it wasn't even heavy. I have a ton leftover and I'm saving them for this time lol.

Kalabear May 1st, 2014 13:46 PM

:hugs: aw I was the same as you! So excited for a natural birth. I had one day to prepare as we found out on our due date he was breech. I called my sister for advice and the procedure. I was incredibly happy that I got skin to skin during the rest of the surgery! :happydance:

They have pads at the hospital and I had overnight ones for at home....I bled for six weeks. The first poo was really rough for me...I recommend stool softeners. They wouldn't let me leave the hospital without having a bm and used stool softener for that. But then the next one at home was rough haha. I want to get a compression wrap if I have to have a c section next time but this time around I used a pillow and/or folded sheet which worked well. It helps to put slight pressure on the sheet on the incision when standing up or sitting down. I used only nursing ightgowns with matching robes from motherhood maternity so I didn't have pants on. It was easy to go to the bathroom and change pads that way. Keep up on the pain medication in the beginning.

Congratulations on your baby :hugs:

RcdM May 2nd, 2014 15:42 PM

I know I've already posted here twice lol but I agree with Kalabear, that is good advice. They gave me stool softeners every day at the hospital and a prescription for some when I got home. Keep taking them for another week or two until you feel comfortable going again.

Also, the idea with a pillow or folded sheet is good too, and I'd suggest using it if you cough or sneeze and hold it against your incision area (if you have time to grab it!).

And yes, keep up with the medication in the beginning. I was dumb and after 2 days I was thinking, I'm barely in any pain at all, I don't need these pain meds! So I refused them when they brought them in... only to wake up in excruciating pain later on... turns out I wasn't feeling pain because the pain pills were working... GO FIGURE lol.

Iveneverseen May 4th, 2014 19:44 PM

Well put it this way when you do your first poo you have to push, and have lots of stiches so yeah it may hurt and its bit scary as with most normal births your not scared your stiches are going to pop open if you push. (they don't)

and I bled the longest after my section that I did after my 2 vaginal births.

ZubZub May 6th, 2014 05:08 AM

I think the biggest preparation is the mental change from thinking you're going to have natural birth to accepting a c/s. I had an em c/s at 40weeks for my first and a planned c/s for my second. I put less effort into being ready for the birth for my second, maybe because it was the second but also because I knew I'd not really doing anything during the birth! I had the baby in the evening and the next morning took a shower (ok, I shuffled a lot but at least I felt clean!). I went home two days later. I agree with the others - don't take pants with elastic that may rub the wound. Using your tummy muscles hurts like hell for a while until they start healing so make sure your nursery set-up at home allows for that. Eg, getting out of a low feeding chair can be a bit of a mission, especially if you're holding a baby! Good luck - the most important thing is that your baby comes out safely! XX

mh_ccl May 10th, 2014 18:53 PM

Thanks for all the replies. After scheduling our section, my waters broke, and I ended up in the hospital a few days early. We had to wait until my dinner had passed out of my system, which was a bit of a bummer, but I only had mild labour pains. Despite my misgivings and desire for a natural birth, everything turned out very well in the end. They even let my husband announce the gender. We both thought boy, but we have a daughter!

Kalabear May 13th, 2014 16:34 PM

:happydance::happydance: Congratulations Hun on your daughter! Glad it went well!

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