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Christine1993 Nov 4th, 2009 16:51 PM

exposing new baby to other children?
Im going to try and word this as best as I can lol as i don't want to start up arguments :dohh: Just want to get some information back on what you girls think..

I know some people have had multiple children before and now pregnant again, so obviously there baby would have been exposed to older children, which makes sense.

This is my first so he won't have any older siblings to be exposed to, but he will have his cousins (my boyfriends neices and nephews). They will be 20 months, 26 months and 7 when baby is here. So a little too young to be holding baby, okay 7 isnt that young but I think im very overprotective and won't let him be holding Aidan..but i'm more concerned at like the germs etc they *could* be carrying? The 7 year old is at school so i'm scared he could be carrying an underlying cold or something that he could pass on to the baby, if that's possible?

Obviously i'm not going to be handing the baby out to the children and going "go and cough and sneeze on him all you like!" lol.

I'm only going to be going round to see my boyfriend a few times in the first few weeks of Aidan's life, i'll be shattered and all stitched up *maybe* and we've agreed this is fine, and I doubt the older children will be there when we go up. I'm going up on Christmas eve, so there will be the three children all there.

I'm just scared incase Aidan cathes something, anything, from a little cold to a wee chest infection, as Ive heard these can cause cot deaths? Im not too sure.

I hope ive worded this right and didn't sound too much like all the children are carrying icky germs haha! Just INCASE they were.

Am i okay to go round when the children are there? as they won't be holding the baby nor breathing/coughing/sneezing around him etc?


sarah0108 Nov 4th, 2009 17:01 PM

i wouldnt worry.
i always let people i know eg kids around harriet as long as they dont have full blown colds ect its perfectly fine and shes never been ill.

i think its good as it builds up their immune systems x

soootired Nov 4th, 2009 17:07 PM

I think the concern at the moment would be swine flu, especially with kids in school. but as long as the other kids arnt ill i wouldnt worry.

bloodbinds Nov 4th, 2009 17:13 PM

To be honest, if your baby is going to catch something, then he'll catch something, no matter if you keep him locked up at home, or pass him to every child that passes by. Adults have germs too, and he's just a likely to catch something from your boyfriend as from a child. So i wouldn't worry about it too much. Children and adults do have germs, and baby will get sick every once in a while, but if they aren't exposed to these germs now, then they are not building up antibodies and there body is not protecting themself, making them so much iller later on in life.
I honestly wouldn't worry about it, but if you are still concerned, then ask if the children are ill or anything before you go round, and get everyone to wash there hands before handling baby etc. Everyone will understand x

pinkclaire Nov 4th, 2009 17:23 PM

I would insist they wash they're hands (same for adults as well though!) and as long as they have no obvious signs of illness then I don't see why not! Xx

Christine1993 Nov 4th, 2009 17:29 PM

Thanks you guys. I completely forgot that he will be around me and my boyfriend and our parents too! :dohh: haha thankyouss xx

kaydrian7 Nov 4th, 2009 20:44 PM

Well at least your actually cautious about what your potentially exposing your baby too. Its frustrating for me because a lot of the women I work with at my job have newborn babies and young children that they bring in for everyone to look at and touch. I'm a nurse in a senior nursing facility so its crazy to think of how many germs and nasty things their little ones could pick up. I think with the flu going around it is important to protect our little ones but not to the point of keeping them cooped up in the house. Proper hand hygiene etc... are very important.

clarabella Nov 5th, 2009 02:28 AM

I can understand your concerns, however, i think it's important to build up a baby's immune system, so for Aidan catching a cold/infection won't be the end of the world, it will only make his immune system stronger. Having said that, with the threat of Swine Flu at the moment, if you are in close contact with other children, i'd just make sure that their hands are clean, maybe carry some antibacterial gel with you, before they go anywhere near him, and if any of them are poorly, keep Aidan away from them.

I have a 3 year old who goes to nursery, so i know that undoubtedly she'll be bringing germs into the house, but i'm getting her used to washing her hands and rubbing antibacterial gel into them now, but we won't be able to avoid everything.

Love Bunny Nov 5th, 2009 02:35 AM

Haha sorry I had to laugh when you used the word "expose" makes them sound like a desiese ;) We are all only humans afterall! Think of it this way chick, babies have been born and grown up for thousands and thousands of years - they are alot tougher than you might think (obviously thats not to say you go around letting people cough and sneeze all over them!!) but all the same think 100+ years ago when things were different - babies were looked after by all the family of all ages old and young! :hugs:

I was talking to a friend the other day and I was telling her how its rare that i ever get ill and it usally has to be something pretty bad if and when i do - as she had a horrendus cold and usually has something or other 10 out of 12 months a year! And what she said was a very fair point indeed! She said when she was little her parents were VERY clean and sterilised everything like mad, didn't let her go out and play in the mud etc etc and that is probably the reason she gets so ill all the time! Because here immune system is rubbish because its never had a chance to be built up! whereas me, my mum didn't sterilise my bottles, we didnt live in a super super clean house (deffinatly not dirty but we're hippies so my mum didn't spend her life cleaning! :P ) had loads of plants in the house, and we lived in the countryside so i was always in the mud and dirt and generally just getting messy haha :) and like I said - its very rare I get ill nowadays!

My point being i know its probably easy to be overprotective of a baby but think about it in the long run - if your house is constantly quiet when baby is asleep - baby will never sleep in any other environment so can make life difficult! If baby has everything sterilised, kept well away from ALL bacteria then the immune system will never be built up properly therefore contant trips to the docs!

Diet also plays a big part in immune system too but I won't go into that cause I could go oooon and onnn and on! But basically there are things you can feed your baby that will potentially weaken their immune system and things that strengthen it <-- obviously this is not done intentionally as many people don't know this! but still all the same :)

Hope this helps to ease your mind a little :hugs: your bubba will be fine around other kids and stuff as long as they are in your supervision so don't ever let that put you off them being around people with colds as like someone else said - if they are gonna get it they will get it! :) :)


Jemma_x Nov 5th, 2009 02:35 AM

I also think its important to build up a childs immune system and unless told my hospital/midwife/health visitor that he shouldnt be taking out or handled by kids or adults then i wouldnt worry. Even if these kids dont hold aidan if they have a cold and they sneeze or cough near him then he could still catch it.

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