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Taurus8484 Jun 25th, 2014 17:49 PM

BFP Chasers...........Feel free to join....
This is a thread for all the over 35ers looking for that :bfp:

A thread where we can talk about everything to do with TTC from the 2ww to the 2ww before the 2ww :haha:

If your OH is annoying you, if the dog just walked on the carpet with dirty feet, if the MIL is driving you crazy or just the weather....

Introduce yourself and lets follow each others journey :thumbup:

Taurus8484 Jun 25th, 2014 17:51 PM

My name is Donna, Ive just turned 40, live in Australia and looking for my next BFP.

After 3 miscarriages, I now have a beautiful son who is 13 months and would love to give him a sibling.

We have been trying now for 5 cycles now and Im getting impatient. Want it too happen now lol

Currently going through all the testing CD3 and 7dpo, so hopefully I can get some idea about whats going on.

terripeachy Jun 25th, 2014 18:29 PM

I'm Terri/Peachy. My MIL is driving me crazy :haha: and I have also just turned 40!
I think this is our 12th cycle trying for number one (but not quite a year yet)! I'm just finishing up my second IUI, and will be moving forward to IVF if this cycle doesn't work.

Thanks for making this thread, Taurus (Donna). I like how you titled it. :)

Taurus8484 Jun 25th, 2014 18:39 PM

Hi Peachy.........I didnt know you had been trying for 12 cycles now......gosh time flies doesnt it.

Fingers crossed........following you in the other thread as well but you know that :thumbup:

Bookwrmgal Jun 25th, 2014 19:32 PM

I love the thread title!

I'm Jenn. I am from MA but live in CT. My MIL is also driving me crazy but she means well. I will be 40 in December. DH (Aaron) and I eloped in October, had a wedding in January, and have been TTC for our first child since August 2013 but actively since January 2014.

I have horrible insurance so we can't do IUI or IVF until I get a better job, which hopefully will be soon since my current one ends in November.

Also, I really want to blow off work this week to go into Boston to stalk Benedict Cumberbatch (Filming a movie there) but this damn eye issue that popped up totally but a wrench into that plan!

GalvanBaby Jun 25th, 2014 22:36 PM

I'm Stephanie. I am 35. My MIL drives me crazy constantly, but glad I live 5 hours from her now! I am on cycle 33. 2 CPs and 1 MC at 6 weeks. We have done IUI, CLomid, Gonal F, Menopur, everything except IVF. We had planned on adoption, but now are leaning back towards IVF again. Oh is not to sure he wants to adopt. he said that we decided to try to have a biological child together. So if we end up adopting, why not just stay with the 2 we have. He has an odd way of thinking about this, but we have to be on the same page with adoption. So as of right now again, NTNP until IVF in the late Fall or late Winter and maybe another IUI in between. LOL

Comfycushions Jun 26th, 2014 07:15 AM

Hi all. :hi:

We've been ntnp for 18 months followed by 12 months ttc. Never had a BFP. With one thing and another things got dragged out a bit with doing testing but that's all happening now. DH has now done 2 sa. Results on 1st not tip top but could be worse. Not got results of second yet.

Both my day 21 came back ok and have regular cycles. I've got hsg on tuesday, which despite reading up on and seeing it's not too bad, still horrified at thought of it!

Have just had two lovely months of not trying at all and it's been great avoiding all the hope and then the dismay, but back to it now. Would love to chat to you ladies as we go through this, DH is wonderfully supportive but there's only so much crazy hormonal woman I feel I can burden him with and I suspect he maybe feels a bit squeamish hearing about the finer details of people rummaging around in my uterus!

kfs1 Jun 26th, 2014 07:43 AM

Hi all!

Thanks for sharing all of your stories.

I actually love my MIL. Am I the only one?

I just turned 36 and have been married for 4 1/2 years. We've been trying since January 2013 (however many cycles that may be). I've been using OPKs since FOREVER and started temping November 2013. I had one BFP in January but sadly it ended in miscarriage. I started working with an RE a few months ago and have since had 2 surgeries - one to clear my right tube which was blocked and another to remove a polyp from my uterus. My DH has a low count and low motility and will be working with a urologist soon. This is our first cycle trying since my surgeries. If this cycle doesn't work out, and the timing works out for my next cycle, we will be moving on to IUI.


moni77 Jun 26th, 2014 08:11 AM

Hey all - will prob do more stalking on this thread then commenting right now. I am 36 and we have been TTC since Nov 2012. Gone through 4 IUIs and are about to move onto IVF. I have had cysts develop after each IUI prompting a month off between. The cyst from my last IUI in April was still hanging around and so last week (at the end of a cycle) I was given an HCG shot to try to help it move on. SOO, still waiting for AF right now and depending on when it comes - I may or may not get one more cycle in before IVF starts. My plan is to start the injectibles when I get back from vacation on August 5th - and I need a couple weeks of BCP before that...

The HSG is only bad if you have a blockage - if everything is clear it is not too bad! Good luck to you!!

Bookwrmgal Jun 26th, 2014 09:32 AM

Oh I love my MIL; she's just annoying me this week with the party :wacko:

Comfy, unburden away! My DH doesn't like to hear much about the process because he doesn't want to get his hopes up. I tell him when we need to :bd: and what pills to take and that's by large the bulk of it. The HSG isn't bad at all (unless you have a blockage). I had some cramping and bleeding for a few days afterwards that worried me but come to find out it was completely normal.

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