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gigglebox Aug 13th, 2015 19:44 PM

General chatter while we wait (and commentary on the "pull out method")
I do this to myself every few months...bare with me ;)

If you got pregnant with "pull out", what went wrong?

My husband and I have been using the pull out (withdraw) method of pregnancy prevention successfully for over 4 years. Our child was planned/intentional.

The day before ovulation, we had sex, he ejaculated, wiped off, then continued having sex with me until I finished. I've never let him do this before--I never let him reenter if he finishes first and I'm in my fertile window...but a second kid is on the table possibly next year so I let it slide :dohh:

So...has anyone gotten pregnant with this sort of specific circumstance?

DobbyForever Aug 13th, 2015 20:16 PM

I know this isn't what you want to hear because I do these types of threads myself and get annoyed when people come and are like, "Yeah! I had that same situation... but I wasn't pregnant." Like go away! That's not what I want to hear!

I had an incident before I had my iud in when SO and I were in that dangerous period of we are stable in our relationship to stop using condoms but hadn't quite figured out what form of reliable birth control to use. He has great self control, so pull out has never been an issue for him. One month, two days before ovulation, he finished. This time, he was being lax about it since we were mulling around about TTC. He decided he felt like finishing (TMI!!!) right on my vagina. Then, he IMMEDIATELY re-entered me and went for round two which ended up another place we'll leave out. I didn't get pregnant from that.

His swimmers work, but I'm not sure how well. We got pg when a condom broke and I used plan b, but then we also had been ttc for a few cycles with no dice. So shrugs. Got my FXed for you though! I'm right there with you. I'm ovulating today, and SO was supposed to try with me two days ago but had a last minute mind change so we are back to WTT since work is insane for him right now. But there's a part of me that hopes and prays that, even though he pulled out well in time, that somehow I will conceive.

gigglebox Aug 14th, 2015 07:05 AM

Haha, lol you definitely called me out here ;p but to be honest, i'd really prefer to wait until mid october to start trying, maybe november if Hubs is on while i have a glimmer of hope the next two weeks, i won't be devastated when my period comes (as I'm certain it will).

That said, I do wonder how these women get pregnant with this since, technically speaking, it's hard to do if the method is used correctly (i.e. He actually pulls out in time, hasn't had previous ejaculations between sex, doesn't reenter after he blows, etc.). Are these the reasons pregnancy happens? Do the man lie and actually get that first spurt in before withdrawing?

I am so curious because it's worked great for us and I've known others and read stories of fertile couples using it with success as long as we have and even longer.

DobbyForever Aug 14th, 2015 08:01 AM

I have been reading posts and medical journals. The information is conflicting, but the general gist is that most pregnancies happened because he did not withdraw in time but think they do because, like you say, it comes in spurts.

But I did see something on a government site that had a small study whose findings said sperm in pre-ej is based on the individual not the situation. That certain men, regardless or previous ejaculating or bathrooming, have sperm in their pre fluids whole others just do not.

Where are you in your cycle?

DobbyForever Aug 15th, 2015 11:31 AM

Some hopeful reading though:


gigglebox Aug 15th, 2015 12:46 PM

Dobby! Thanks so much for the links. Seems like what they have in common is it was unexpected, so the fact I'm anticipating it means I won't be pregnant lol; no worry though, I'm fine with waiting, and I am hoping to fall pregnant (soon) after a friend of mine does who's been trying for over a year now. I know how it feels to want it and others get it, and i don't want to do that to her...

To answer your question, I am 2dpo I think..maybe 3dpo. Actually I'm pretty sure it's 3dpo. I wrote it down....I'll test if I'm late but not really expecting anything. I'll test early if I get any symptoms I got last pregnancy....or maybe I will anyway since I kind of have a major POAS problem.

DobbyForever Aug 15th, 2015 17:34 PM

Aw, that's very sweet of you to think of her like that. Yeah, I have read a lot of he must not have pulled out in time threads but those two had a lot of he did it right but I still wound up pg. So who knows! :)

Awesome. I'm 2dpo as well. In the same boat. I don't want to start testing early because, even if I know it's a long shot, I am a POAS addict. But I might go ahead and test once when I run out of prenatal vitamins in 8 days. If it's neg, I'll be switching back to my regular women's vitamin.

gigglebox Aug 15th, 2015 21:52 PM

Check the contents, my women's vitamin still has plenty of folic acid in it. What I hate about it is it's 3 a day instead of just once, and i have TERRIBLE memory. I'll take them 'til they run out,mthen will switch to a one a day pill...

Ahhh, so you too? (POASA) What brings you into the tww? I see in your signature you're WTT, why is that? How long until you resume proper ttc?

So, as it turns out, i documented my early symptoms in the tww when i got pregnant with my son. I am having the same cervical position now as i did at 5dpo then :dohh: im certain it's not happening this month, and it's so funny how our bodies just loooove to play tricks on us when we're hyper sensitive to "pregnancy symptoms" haha.

That said, if I get to 8/9dpo with my boobs not hurting, I might start testing as that was the major tip off for me last time (they always hurt until day 1/2 of my cycle). I can't remember when they start hurting though...but i know they do at least 4-5 days prior to my period, but i think it's more like a week.

DobbyForever Aug 15th, 2015 23:08 PM

Try not to get too hung up on what is the same/ different, especially if it gets you down in the dumps. Every pregnancy is different. Keeping my FXed!

For the most part, the pre-natal and daily are the same. The only two notable differences are the pre-natal does not have vitamin K and has double the amount of folic acid. My daily only has 400, which I think is still acceptable but on the lower end of what you should take ttc.

The long short of it: SO and I got pregnant back in December doing everything under the sun to not get pregnant. I lost that little bean mid Jan, and I was so devastated I got an IUD. The doctors said we could immediately go back to TTC like it was never there. Lies. We started TTC in early April when everything was happy sailing. A few months ago, the tech company SO works for got bought out. So he is stressed at work wondering if they'll let him go, his mentor/ boss is forcing him to get a tech certification every month and a half, and then his boss made him lead on a project for the first time while he still has to manage all of his other projects. He got really stressed out (imagine how pissy you get on PMS... he's like that 24/7) so we stopped having reproducible sex. I confronted him about it and we made plans to try O-2. He decided the best time to tell me he wasn't ready to have a baby because of his work and family stress was right before he finished. He pulled out much to my surprise after using knocking me up as dirty talk while we DTD. So I am forced into WTT, and who knows when that is going to change.

gigglebox Aug 16th, 2015 02:19 AM

Wow. WOW. I don't even know how I would handle that huge slap in the face! :hugs2: I am so sorry to read all of that. When does the project end that he's working on/leading? Maybe that'll help. Could he maybe try to find another job? Hubs had to do that at one point and it was the best thing for us. In fact, he did it right around the time we got pregnant, which was terrifying, but soooo good.

So as far as me symptom spotting goes, I will be fine whatever the outcome is so i'm ok obsessing a little ;) also, if I get pregnant and all goes well, I want to have a partial hyterectomy at the same time as a c section (long story short, i have a wonky uterus that gives me periods 10-11 days long and hormonal birth control doesn't work on me; since my uterus is weird shaped no doc will come near me with an IUD; hubs offered to get snipped but i don't want these rediculous periods anymore...). I just have to find a doctor willing to do it (i had one willing up north but i moved and the first one i asked here said no, but i'll try to talk to them again...themdoctor was on board but the surgeon said no, so i feel like i may need a consult with the surgeon).

SO, what that means is getting pregnant may be the end to my days of symptom spotting and all the POAS fun (if a healthy child results) so I'm enjoying it while I still can :)

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