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jtr2803 Dec 27th, 2015 07:49 AM

Any plus size ladies looking to minimise weight gain?
Wasn't sure if this was the right place or if a thread like this already exists...

I'm currently a size 18, 5'3" and seven weeks pregnant. I have yet to see a midwife or doctor but I am hoping to try and keep my weight gain really minimal. I was going to the gym a lot but due to work and life stress I hadn't been for two months before finding out I was pregnant. If all is well at my scan next week I am going to return to do some light cardio and weights

Would love to speak to other ladies in similar situations to see what is working for them or give moral support :thumbup:

Nibblenic Dec 27th, 2015 09:38 AM

Hey, Im looking to minimize gain.

I lost 5 stone before getting pregnant, however im still 3.5 stone over weight and classes as obese.

Ive lost 7lbs so far in first tri and looking to gain roughly a stone max. Im weighing weekly and attending slimming world.

jtr2803 Dec 27th, 2015 10:24 AM

Five stone is a massive weight loss, well done!

I don't know how much I'm overweight now, I haven't weighed myself for some time. I did SW a few years ago and still have my books, I think I'll start replicating some of the principles with fresh fruit etc and seeing how I get on :thumbup:

Inge Dec 27th, 2015 12:22 PM

yep. I m 5"5 and was 15st6lb when I got bfp. 15st at booking at 9wks and now im 14st 10lbs. Keep getting nagged to go to a "healthy eating course" which is weekly for 10 weeks then weekly check up about my diet/exercise then see me for a few weeks after birth. Iv said no and will keep saying no. I put on weight after 2 miscarriages this year, my mum passing away and an ovarian cyst removal and feeling like rubbish and eating rubbish (I mean Id have a bag of sweets which can easily be 400 calories as well as my meals so it was easy to put on weight this year! Im starting to crave fruit again after it making me sick since 8wks so Im eating alot better now and will start some gentle exercises soon

Nibblenic Dec 27th, 2015 14:11 PM

I'm short like you, also 5ft3. Currently 13.5 stone, and a size 16/18.
I needed to loose for pregnancy as I have a back problem which I normally take very strong opiates for.

jtr2803 Dec 28th, 2015 02:56 AM

Sounds like you are doing really well inge, to not gain is great! I always struggle with the doctors and my weight because they lecture me about healthy eating and exercise all the time yet when I told them what classes I was doing and I was clean eating but not losing they just shrugged!

Hi nibble, sounds like a good reason to lose, I've had a niggley back every since I had a car crash about 15 years ago so I'm worried about being bigger and how much it might affect it.

I'm trying to persuade hubby to take me to the zoo today, at least that would be some exercise! :haha:

Nibblenic Dec 28th, 2015 04:29 AM

Love the Zoo, we dont have any close to us here.

Is it a pregnancy healthy eating course or a general NHS one? Ive done 'food for thought' which is what the Dr refers you to here, but different trusts have different names for them.

lozzy21 Dec 28th, 2015 09:32 AM

My BMI at booking in was 45. I'm not sure how much Iv gained but I'm still in my normal clothes at 31 weeks so it can't be that much.

SaraVO Dec 28th, 2015 10:09 AM

I have done a really good job keeping my weight in check. I'm a ten/twelve in pants but so far I am down over 20 lbs. Doctor says it's all good. It helps that my cravings are mostly fruit and vegetables. I have lost my taste for fried food and proteins and my coca cola habit officially tastes gross to me. But two months ago my doctor quoted about a twelve pound gain. With the five or so I've lost since then I think my weight will stay in check. There's only fifteen more weeks.

jtr2803 Dec 28th, 2015 14:36 PM

At the moment I'm just fancying really boring carbs like bread and chips :dohh: I made my lunch for next two days as I'm back at work and have done chicken steaks with half a baked sweet potato and salad.

I probably need to weigh myself at some point too :shrug:

Sounds like you've done really well Sara :happydance:
That's impressive to be in normal clothes lozzy :thumbup:

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