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Roschey Aug 22nd, 2016 09:38 AM

TTC my Rainbow Baby! Looking for buddies who log in often!
Good morning ladies! I lost my baby in July and had a D &C on 7/12. I was anxious to have my first cycle so that we could start trying again. It seemed like forever (and was a really strange feeling to WANT to see AF) but she came last Tuesday 8/16. I bled terribly heavy for about 4 days and have since been just spotting here and there. I am so anxious for my Rainbow Baby! Looking for any 1st cycle success stories to try to keep my head up while I wait! :dust:

StillPraying Aug 30th, 2016 21:07 PM

Hi roschey :flower:

Sorry for your loss, I delivered my baby boy on 21 Aug at 15 weeks. I'm ready to get on the TTC bus now, and like you, trying to keep my head up :thumbsup:

Where are you in your cycle now?

Gagrlinpitt Aug 30th, 2016 22:42 PM

I'm so sorry for you loss:-(

I lost my first baby August 5 at around 5 weeks. No d&c needed but the bleeding and cramps were so painful and so heavy.

We're already back to TTC and hoping that our forever baby is coming very soon.

Kaybear Aug 31st, 2016 07:42 AM

Hi ladies!

So sorry for everyone's losses! I had a MMC and decided to do a D&C on June 15. I just started my third cycle and am trying to remain hopeful that I will get my rainbow baby soon. My body has been a little out of whack since my procedure, but I am trying to have faith that it's all going to work out once my body is ready. I'm also trying to stress less as I have had very bad anxiety lately. Baby dust to all of us!

StillPraying Aug 31st, 2016 23:13 PM

Gagerlin I notice your signature says NTNP till September?

Hi again Kay bear!

Gagrlinpitt Sep 1st, 2016 05:19 AM

Yeah.. Since I had a MC August 5 my doctor wanted me to wait a full cycle, but my stepdad who is an Obgyn told me we didn't have to wait and in fact I'm probably more fertile right now anyways.. So I decided not to temp, chart, or do opks until AF came and then I'll return to charting and such.

WishnandHopn Sep 1st, 2016 12:21 PM

So sorry for all of your losses. I had an early loss on August 4 and we weren't really trying this cycle, but now I'm about 10 dpo and just waiting for AF to show up. Or not show up...which would be an amazing and unexpected blessing. I will hold off testing until at least 15 dpo (Tuesday).

Baby dust (and baby glue!) to all of you!

Gagrlinpitt Sep 1st, 2016 13:32 PM

Wish, so sorry for your loss. Sounds like you and I are pretty close in cycles

bumbleberry Sep 1st, 2016 17:03 PM

So sorry for everyone's losses. I had my 4th loss @ 10 weeks in July. I'm currently 8dpo at the moment on my first proper cycle since m/c.

Hope it's not too long before we get our rainbow babies :flower:

StillPraying Sep 1st, 2016 19:59 PM

Gagerlin I saw my OB yesterday and she told me they advise waiting a few cycles for dating purposes and to kind of help you be emotionally ready. She told me if I don't want to wait I don't have to.

Wish I'm amazed at your willpower to wait until 15dpo! Do you know when after is due?

Bumble do you plan on testing soon?

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