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krissie328 Sep 8th, 2016 14:21 PM

PCOS Diet Buddies??
I am working on getting my PCOS under control with diet and metformin. I have done four rounds of clomid and one round of letrozole trying to get pregnant in the last year. I am currently in my letrozole round but looking to take a break after it while I focus on my diet. I have decided I need to lose some more weight and then try fertility meds again closer to November/December.

I don't have a specific diet I am following but I am aiming to limit dairy, sugar and processed carbs. I want to focus on a more whole foods diet full of fruits, veggies and protein. I am going to aim to keep carbs between 50-100 since I am diabetic and that is how I control blood sugars.

I would really love some buddies for this adventure. I find I stick to it better with support. I am sure there are other ladies out there with PCOS ttc and diet and I would love to chat and build a support system through this process.

Jules8 Sep 15th, 2016 11:44 AM

Hi :) I will be your buddy. I am not currently ttc as my lo is 7 months and we don't plan on having another for at least 2 years...unless some sort of miracle happens we will be using a fertility specialist again.

I have always struggled with my weight and had irregular cycles. My gyno at the time just put me on bc and called it a day. I stopped taking it a year after I met my husband when we moved in together. We figured if it happened then it happened. We got married in Sept. of 2014 of which we actively started trying, however I knew deep down there was an issue and after reading that I had many symptoms of PCOS I started looking for answers. Long story short I found a new doctor, did some testing, saw an endo, and the result was that I had PCOS. I started metformin, but that's all he could do and sent me to a fertility specialist for further treatment. We saw her in February of 2015 and did some testing. The plan was to go on femara in May. Everything got screwed up, but I did take it as planned. I was for sure that it wouldn't work that month so I picked up my next months prescription. Then 3 days before they were planning to give me medication to start a new cycle I found out I was pregnant.

Currently I am doing low carb. I have talked to many people and researched that low carb is good for those of us with PCOS. I have tried weight watchers, calorie counting, low fat, green drinks, etc. Low carb is the only thing that works for me so I am working hard to stick to it the best I can. I am trying to stick to around 40-50 carbs a day maximum.

krissie328 Sep 15th, 2016 17:03 PM

Welcome hun! I have also found low carb to be the only thing that helps me lose weight and feel good. I've also ovulated on low carb which I never do on my own.

Since we are ttc I'm gonna try not to go to crazy being low carb. When I was pregnant with ds I ate 100-120 a day so I figure my target range should be good until I get pregnant.

Jules8 Sep 15th, 2016 21:33 PM

I think making healthy decisions and having a range is more important than sticking to an exact number of carbs.
I want this to be a lifestyle and it's hard if it's way too strict.

krissie328 Sep 18th, 2016 08:40 AM

That's exactly what I want to do as well. I have other factors other than ttc and pcos that make it so lower carb is the way to go.

So I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow and officially get started. I've been on vacation the last few days so eating has been awful. But hey lots of walking. :haha:

KylasBaby Sep 18th, 2016 09:18 AM

Ooh I want to join! I have 15 more pounds I want to lose by when we ttc in January! I lost 35lbs going low carb and dairy free and exercising. Hoping to get back at it again, but honestly OH's mom just had a second surgery to remove a brain tumor and we are closing on our new house at the end of the month so there's a LOT of stress at the moment! I figure if I end up having pasta for dinner then at least I ate well up to that point. Every good meal helps right?

I gained back a few pounds after I fell off the lo carb and no dairy wagon, but I'm trying to get back on. Already down nearly 3lbs again. One meal at a time!

krissie328 Sep 18th, 2016 10:16 AM

Welcome over here Kylas! I absolutely believe it's every meal counts. In the end its about a sustainable way of eating.

Congrats on your new house. It is such a crazy stressful time but so worth it.

Jules8 Sep 19th, 2016 11:46 AM

Hi Kylas! That sounds like a whole lot of stress, but you seem like you're on the right track. :)
Every good meal sure does count! Noone eats perfect 100% of the time.

We have a town fair every year, it's seriously my favorite thing ever and is right in front of our apt. building since we live on the main street. You better believe that I will be having 1 or 2 treats. I feel that going into it this way is better than feeling like I have to resist every single urge. When I feel that way I end up doing worse and feeling bad about it.

I weighed in today and am down 4 pounds! :)

krissie328 Sep 19th, 2016 13:27 PM

Great job on the weightloss Jules. I always enjoy our local fair and have dinner there once while they are in town.

I am up 2 lbs but I am not surprised given I just got home from 4 days of crap eating. I packed lunch and I am working on avoiding temptation today.

KylasBaby Sep 19th, 2016 13:49 PM

Congrats on the weight loss Jules!

Krissie - you can lose it! Sometimes we all need a couple days of crap eating. But once you get back on track you can do it. Temptations are so hard to resist.

I've lost about 2lbs since I started taking spearmint. Supposed to help lower testosterone. I've also been trying to eat better but seem to be failing one meal a day. Better than all of them I guess. I work in my mothers daycare which is in her house. My grandparents live there too so if OH is working late DD and I will stays r dinner and we don't eat red meal or pork so if they are having something like that and don't have any chicken for us we usually end up with pasta. And my mother had a craving for cake yesterday. Not gonna lie it was delicious :)

I already failed breakfast today, but for lunch I had tuna salad (no bread just with a fork haha) and peas & corn. For dinner I am making baked cod with some kind of vegetable. Maybe green beans or broccoli. Mmm. Nice and healthy. Will help to offset my caramel iced coffee I can't give up ;)

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