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confuzion Nov 7th, 2016 15:07 PM

July 2017 Rainbows (13 Rainbows-4 pink -1 blue- 2 yellow- 2 angels)
Hi guys :wave:, just got a little faint positive at 9 DPO. So not due til July 25th by LMP. Any other July due dates?

July 1

July 2

July 3

July 4

July 5

July 6

July 7

July 8

July 9

July 10

July 11

July 12
lesondemavie :yellow:

July 13

July 14

July 15

July 16
Mrs Dragonfly

July 17
blessedmomma :pink:

July 18

July 19

July 20

July 21

July 22

July 23

July 24

July 25

July 26
Girly922 :yellow:

July 27

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July 31

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robo123 Nov 7th, 2016 15:18 PM

Pic??? My due date is 18th July xx

confuzion Nov 7th, 2016 15:22 PM

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Hi robo! Nice to see you here :) have loved following your thread. I'll attach a pic now.

confuzion Nov 7th, 2016 15:23 PM

Of course I plan on testing everyday now lol. Not even sure how to proceed. Betas always gave me big time anxiety so I'm thinking of skipping them.

robo123 Nov 7th, 2016 15:34 PM

Lovely line for 9dpo congrats hun xx betas help me because I'm always nervous with test lines if you can't tell lol

confuzion Nov 7th, 2016 15:46 PM

lol I am too. At least I used to be. Hard to really gauge how I'm going to cope his pregnancy. Kind of came as a shock since I was fully prepared for a hard time. I mean it took us 2 years the first time. I don't know whether to get the early scan and the betas or if I should just wait and call in at 8 weeks like a 'normal' person lol.

robo123 Nov 8th, 2016 06:15 AM

I would go for the early scan. That's me , I'm an extremely anxious person and find knowing makes me feel more in control. I need to learn to let go

confuzion Nov 8th, 2016 08:51 AM

You're right. I think if things weren't currently so complicated with our schedules I would be doing everything without a second thought. But my husband is always busy and my mom is out of town until the end of the month. So I have nobody to watch my daughter. And taking her along for a blood draw or ultrasound is not going to happen.

If I had an ectopic in the past nothing would stop me from an early scan so I definitely feel your concern. But besides my molar pregnancy my miscarriages were of the 'normal' variety. My molar pregnancy wasn't removed until like the 11th week of pregnancy so if I get a scan at 8 weeks I feel like that would be the most conclusive. My midwives do a quick scan the first appointment if you haven't had 1 yet so I may just wait for that. Going to rely on tests for now to tell me what my hcg is doing.

I love the surepredict cheapies they showed early and gave me great progression with my daughter so using them again. But part of me really wants those weeks indicator digitals. But I've seen those send many a people into a panic for no reason so I'm on the fence.

nikalicious Nov 8th, 2016 13:53 PM


I'm 11 dpo and got a faint line on a FRER and an IC this morning. IC was with FMU and FRER was with 2nd. Lines are still faint but definitely there. It's very similar to my pregnancy with DD1.

Anyone else having super anxiety about being pregnant again after MC? Every time i go pee and wipe I'm scared to see blood:sad1: When does that feeling go away, or does it?

I know it's super early, but when do you call the doctor to schedule something? Is it different after you've had a MC? This is new territory for me since this is my first PG after MC in September.

Hugs to all you mamas and FX'd we all have sticky babies!:hugs:

confuzion Nov 8th, 2016 18:19 PM

Hi nika :hi: congrats!! For me, when I was pregnant with my now rainbow daughter, my whole first tri was riddled with anxiety. I spotted up until 13 weeks. Even went to my anatomy scan nervous they wouldn't find a heartbeat. I think it was after that scan that I started feeling a little more confident. Feeling movement definitely helped a ton. And seeing my growing belly was definitely different. I had 4 miscarriages before her though and no kids so I kind of felt like my body was always going to betray me. I'm a little more optimistic now that I know my body CAN do it. I think you will feel better once you see this little ones heartbeat flickering.

I think you should call your doc and see if they want you to come in for some serial betas to make sure your hcg is doing what it should. Then maybe a 6 weeks scan. That's the standard of care I think for post miscarriage. At least that has been my experience.

When are you ladies due? I want to create a list in the first post!

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