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cnsweeney Nov 14th, 2016 10:55 AM

*December Testers ! :)*
This group is for anyone testing in December ! I will update here with names and status of everyone
( :witch: or :bfp: )

Hoping this month brings us lots of lucky snowflake babies !!

cnsweeney Nov 14th, 2016 11:01 AM

AFM I am on cd1 . Last cycle was a bit whacky & I believe it was due to taking vitamin b6 so won't be doing that this time ! Usually I am pretty regular (O cd 14 , 28 day cycle) . This past cycle I didn't O until cd19 (because of b6 in sure) & had a 12 day lp which made for a 31 day cycle . My temps and cm/opks showed a clear O but my temps overall were very up and down so hoping this month is better ! Should O around the 27th & test around the 9th (if I can hold out that long :haha: )
What's everyone else's status ?!

spunky84 Nov 16th, 2016 05:54 AM

Praying that this is your cycle, cns!

I'm on CD 2 today. I may be a December or January tester depending on whyat my cycle does this month. I'm hoping between the supplements, getting more sleep (with the exception of last night), trying to de-stress a bit more (not sure how possible that is lol), trying to eat better, drink more (I'm awful at hydrating).

So I'm really hoping my cycle is shorter. I think they've been longer mostly because of stress. Once I get through next Monday, I feel like the rest of my semester will be smoother. Yes, I feel like finals week will actually be less stressful than from the last few weeks lol I'm interested in seeing what my cycle does with this as my cycles seemed to have come to an end (after being longer than usual) once some stress is lifted (and then longer the more stressful).

So hopefully I'll be testing next month!

cnsweeney Nov 17th, 2016 06:32 AM

Fingers crossed for you spunky that your cycle is shorter this month ! All of those things you listed seem like good ways to help regulate !

cnsweeney Nov 17th, 2016 06:37 AM

AFM - I am cd 4 now and I think today is last day of AF .. let the fun begin ! :haha:
As many know , I am also swaying for a boy so I've been eating about 2200 calories a day and making sure I get at least 100% of all my vitamins . I've been taking prenatals in the morning & coq10 twice a day . I have wheatgrass capsules coming in the mail . So far temps during AF have stayed low .. which I'm glad .. nothing too erratic or crazy yet .. really hoping for a nice clear chart this month ! Last month was so confusing lol. I had one day on cd3 where temp spiked but my blood pressure was high that morning (I have high bp , genetic) & we didn't sleep with our fan on so it was hot! I should just discard that temp .
Here's to hoping this is our month ! :) a Christmas surprise for dh and the girls would be fabulous !

Kaiecee Nov 20th, 2016 11:41 AM

I'll be testing around the 5th

Cd1 for me but having the worst Ov pain from the clomid feel like I'm dying

Katy78 Nov 22nd, 2016 00:28 AM

O day is today, AF is due on 3rd Dec.
Hoping for a lucky December for all of us.

cnsweeney Nov 22nd, 2016 07:18 AM

Katy - yay ! Let's hope you caught that egg ! :) keep us updated on symptoms !
Kaiecee- I'm sorry hun :( i hope it's subsided for you now . I'm not familiar with how clomid works .. why is there pain in cd1? i hope it helps you catch that eggy ! :)

AFM - cd9 here . Chart is looking good , nice and steady low pre o temps . Hoping it stays nice after O & doesn't go erratic and crazy haha . I've been taking my prenatals , coq10, wheatgrass , potassium , & probiotics every morning and everything besides the prenatal again at night . Potassium at lunch time also . Whew ! Swaying is no small feat ! lol hoping it works but if not at least I tried! ill just be thankful for a healthy pregnancy if and when it happens :)
Right now we are bd'ing every 2-3 days (cd 6 & 9 so far) we will probably give it a rest until my first positive opk and then bd 3 times up until o . It's all a part of swaying that I won't bore anyone with lol . But honestly , despite all of the vitamins and timing of bd .. I feel much more relaxed this month than I did last month about all of this ttc mess . Hopefully I can hold off poas until 10dpo ! Until then I have opks that will help the addiction :haha:

spunky84 Nov 25th, 2016 13:22 PM

cns: Hoping this is your month and that it's not as wonky as last! Is the wheatgrass supposed to help with ttc? I've never heard of it for that if it is. How's it supposed to help? I think I've heard of wheatgrass lol but not 100% sure.

Kaiecee: Good luck! Hopefully the wait will go by quickly! I'm sorry you're having so much O pain though :( I hope it's gotten better since.

Katy: Keeping fx for you! Praying that this is your month :hugs:

AFM, I'm actually a little hopeful that I may be able to test in December! FF gave me dotted cross hairs on CD 8, but it just seems insane that I actually O'd that early, so I'm treating it like I could still be Oing at any point. I didn't have any cm or cp that would've matched up. If I actually did, then hopefully that'll pass the time nicely before pooas (peeing obsessively on a stick :haha: ). I'd much rather pee on an opk than going through a million tests like cycle... though last cycle I did a bit of both. :blush:

cnsweeney Nov 25th, 2016 17:31 PM

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Spunky - woo hooooo! I really hope this is a short sweet , successful cycle for you !

Idk if you saw my other post on our other thread but I have ewcm tonight & a possible pos opk. Gonna post a pic here too for opinions :)

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