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Mynxie Mar 20th, 2008 12:21 PM

Dear Mr Storky... write your letter to Mr Storky too!
Dear Mr. Storky,

please send me a BFP and a sticky bubba! I've been a good girl, - honest!

Mynxie! xx

Rumpskin Mar 20th, 2008 12:23 PM

I hope Mr Storky exists - after he visits you, tell him to come and visit me please! xx

tansey Mar 20th, 2008 13:13 PM

Dear Mr Storky,
Been waiting for a Baby for a long time. I've been very patient and last month it seemed that you were going to visit me but something happened and you took my bean away again! So this month please arrive before :witch: and hurry up as I am already 9DPO.
Many Thanks
P.S. I would like :pink: but OH would like :blue: but we're not fussy so we'd be over the moon with either - or both? Pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

danielle19 Mar 20th, 2008 13:18 PM

Dear Mr Storky
We would really like a bfp !
We have been patiently waiting for a sticky bean so please bring us one soon !
Love Danielle xxx

SpecialGift89 Mar 20th, 2008 13:26 PM

Dear Mr Storky,
I would love nothing more than for you to come and visit me. I know your a busy stork but please if you find time in your schedule could you please try and visit me? I am not fussy at all a:blue: or :pink: would be lovely. I will be happy with whatever you give me. I will look after him/her and love him/her to bits.
Lots of love from SpecialGift89.
C ya soon I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O:)

The Catster Mar 20th, 2008 14:16 PM

Dear Mr Storky,

Please give me 9 months of pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby!!!
I promise to guide her/him into becoming a nice person!!!

Please call on me soon!!!!!
Cat xxx:hugs:

P.s- Do you accept bribes?????

niknaknat Mar 20th, 2008 14:24 PM

Dear Mr Storky,
Please send me a sticky bean , and one for all my friends as well.
I'm gonna give up coffee and try not to eat so much junk so think of me when you give out those BFP's.
Me xxxx:hugs:

Anababe Mar 20th, 2008 14:29 PM

Dear Mr Storky,
I know you was so lovely and came to me after a very short time TTC last year and i am so very grateful. You gave me the most gorgeous little boy ever. I would really love for you to come back to me now though so my baby boy can have a little brother/ sister to look after.
I would like you to go visit all these other lovely ladies who are on here aswel, they would all make great mummys.
Please come see us all! Thankyou much

miel Mar 20th, 2008 14:39 PM

dear MR Storky,

i would love for you to come to see me in about 12 days:)...i have being very patient so far but this month if you could really really try to make a visit it will be much appreciate and so far the weather is very good in san francisco :)
i will welcome and cherries for the rest of my life i promess the gift you will bring over to me:)
and on your way to me you are welcome to stop by on every houses of the ttc section ...i am sure you have great magic power and you can certainly do so .
my best regards ,
love laetitia.
PS : if you want to come early and give me some sympthons that you are on your way it's fine don't worry about me i can take it!!!

diva4180 Mar 20th, 2008 15:15 PM

Dear Mr. Storky,
Can you please bring me my bfp this summer? I already have a beautiful little boy you gave me almost 6 years ago, so can i maybe have a girl this time?
Can I also please have a healthy pregnancy this time as well, I promise to eat well and stick to light exercise, and of course as long as I am healthy this time around and with whatever future bfp's I may have, I will happy with either a little girl or boy, as long as all of us are healthy!
Can you please give all these sweet girls their bfp's too? They are the best, most understanding and supporting group, and they really really deserve it.
Thank you!!!

Love, Diva

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