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KalonKiki Dec 26th, 2016 19:55 PM

**Waiting and Waiting...2018 Mommies To Be! <3**
Hello and welcome ladies! :wave: :flower:

After a pregnancy scare this month and a heart to heart with my DH we have decided that we would like to have a 3rd baby. This will be my 3rd time here in the WTT forum and each time I've been in a wonderful thread with other women that were also WTT at the time. I saw that we didn't have one for 2018 yet and with 2017 almost upon us I decided to go ahead and make one!

This thread is for anyone planning to TTC in 2017 or 2018 to have a 2018 or 2019 baby so basically anyone planning to TTC anywhere between April 2017 and December 2018. It's not set in stone yet but I'm hoping to start TTC in September 2018 for a June 2019 baby.

If you would like to join the WTT journey with me please feel free to post your TTC date, which # baby it will be, if you're hoping for a :blue: or :pink: or planning to gender sway, ect. I'll be updating the list on second post of this thread as we gain more members. :hugs:

KalonKiki Dec 26th, 2016 19:56 PM

Member List
:bunny::dust:~*TTC/NTNP List*~:dust::bunny:

*May 2018*

AliJo - Baby #3, NTNP and hoping/maybe swaying for :pink:

Penguin20 - Baby #2

BellaRosa8302 - Baby #3

xMissxZoiex - Baby #2 (Baby #5 after 3 premature birth losses)

ja14 - Baby #2

Lavochain - Baby #2

Babybump87 - Baby #3, hoping for :blue:

SarahLou372 - NTNP Baby #2

LadyVictoria - Baby #1

Jasy - Baby #2

Stacip - Baby #2

Demotivated - Baby #2

lesondemavie - Baby #2

ssarahh - Baby #2, going team :yellow:

Bumblebee24 - Baby #2, NTNP and going team :yellow:

blauren - Baby #1

Sophie1205 - Baby #2

JennP - Baby #1

BrittneyAnne - Baby #1

aidensxmomma (Terah) - Baby #5 (Baby #2 with OH) :yellow:

sarah34 - Baby #2

AnjaaniPari - Baby #1 w/ PCOS, taking Clomid

:coffee:~*WTT List*~:coffee:

*June 2018*

TwilightAgain - Baby #1

AngelOb - Baby #2

*July 2018*

daniyaaq - Baby #3, hoping for :blue:

Thorpedo11 - Baby #3, swaying for :blue:

LadyVictoria - Baby #1

*August 2018*

LabRatPack - Baby #1, hoping for :pink: and OH hoping for :blue:

*September 2018*

KalonKiki (Keely) - Baby #3, hoping/swaying for :pink: and going team :yellow:

Snufflepop - Baby #3

*October 2018*

Jay900 - NTNP Baby #1

MeMeBear - NTNP Baby #1, hoping for :pink:

*November 2018*

*December 2018*

kksy9b (Kaity) - Baby #3

:shrug:~*WTT Unknown Date*~:shrug:

tverb84 (Tara) - Baby #1

darkriver - Baby #3, hoping for :blue:

LykaWolf - Baby #1

jessicasmum - Baby #4, maybe going team :yellow: and hoping for :blue:

Weebles - Baby #3, going team :yellow:

emma4g63 - Baby #3

:bfp::yellow:~*Expecting Members*~:yellow::bfp:

amotherslove - Due 06/11/18 with Baby #2 (3rd pregnancy) :yellow:

Alligator - Due 07/11/18 with Baby #1 :yellow:

:baby::blue::pink:~*Babies Born*~:pink::blue::baby:

lilmisscaviar - Due 09/23/17 with Baby #4 born 08/24/17 Jacob :blue:

swedengirl - Due 12/15/17 with Baby #1 born 12/03/17 Unknown Name :pink:

mandaa1220 - Due 01/08/18 with Baby #2 born 01/08/18 Hayden :pink:

wantingbubba7 - Due 01/22/18 with Baby #2 born 01/05/18 Unknown Name :pink:

karoolia - Due 03/05/18 with Baby #1 born 02/23/18 Nolan Thomas :blue:

:angel::cry:~*Angels Remembered*~:cry::angel:

karoolia - April 2017 MMC :yellow:

aidensxmomma (Terah) - April 2017 CP :yellow:, June 2017 CP :yellow:, and October 2017 MMC :yellow:

:coffee::shrug:~*Waiting to Hear From*~:shrug::coffee:

ashleyg - Due 12/25/17 with Baby #3 :yellow:

KailaB24 - Due 02/25/18 with Baby #1 :yellow:

Laroawan - Due 03/13/18 with Baby #1 (baby #2 after a premature birth loss) :blue:

tverb84 Dec 26th, 2016 20:43 PM

Hey Keely! Congrats on deciding to have a third baby!! :thumbup: You can add me to get because I still have no clue when I'll have kids and it would be very hard since I'm in college right now.

KalonKiki Dec 26th, 2016 20:46 PM

Hey Tara! It's great to see you here hun, glad to have you. :hugs: :happydance:

tverb84 Dec 26th, 2016 20:56 PM

I can't believe it's going to be 2017 next week!! How was your Christmas?

KalonKiki Dec 26th, 2016 21:48 PM

I can't believe that 2017 is almost here either! My Christmas was pretty good, DS and DD were so happy with their presents. :cloud9: <3
How was your Christmas hun?

sarah34 Dec 27th, 2016 13:08 PM

I will be having my coil removed end of march/beginning of April, can I join please? :) xx

lilmisscaviar Dec 27th, 2016 20:08 PM

Since you're in my March/April 2017 thread you probably already know that I plan to TTC around that time lol. This is baby #4 for me. We're hoping to sway blue to try to even out the genders but I'd be just as happy with another girl since my girls were so easy. More than likely this will be our final baby.

KalonKiki Dec 27th, 2016 23:53 PM

Hello and welcome ladies! :wave: :flower:
I've added you both to the list on the second post. Let me know if your date changes or if there ends up being anything else you want to add. :D

lpjkp Dec 28th, 2016 01:37 AM

I'm so excited to join this little guy will be approaching 4 in 2017,and myself and my husband have finally decided that 2017 is the time when we would like to start trying for our second child!
We have a holiday coming up in August, so will most likely start trying in September 2017...gosh,it's scary and exciting at the same time!

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