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Swimming Jan 24th, 2017 13:16 PM

MMR Vaccine to pause TTC??
Hey Everyone! (this is my first thread of my own hehe)

So I just got a call from my fertility clinic nurse, saying I "did not have total immunity" to the rubella virus on the blood titer, and she was going to wait until she received my chicken pox blood titer to call me back and discuss vaccination options.

After an internet search, I will probably need to get the MMR vaccine and take 30 days off ttc (BOOOO! Why didn't they test me for this before I did my IUI there?).

I understand vaccines are responsible and realize the importance. :)

My concern is that I had the MMR vaccine when I was 1- a baby (one year) and then again (2 on schedule) like when I was 4. I had it 3- AGAIN when I did an internship at a hospital (just last year) because I tested negative....

What if they give me the vaccine, and I test negative AGAIN (because that's the type of pattern my body has been displaying, get the vaccine and test negative) as an adult.... will I never get to TTC? Has this ever happened to anyone?

I'm hoping they just accept my record of a vaccine and not re-take my blood titers. Its the best my body can do :shrug: I need to figure out how to ask this question without sounding as frantic as I am feeling. Does any of this make any sense? Or has the TWW gotten the best of my brain yet again?

Thanks for any help!

nessaw Jan 24th, 2017 13:28 PM

Hi I had the same issue and I was advised to take 3 months off ttc. In my case my mum hadn't vaccinated me as a baby because the mumps vaccine had an egg derivative and my older brother had excema so neither of us got it. We'd been trying for a while at that point and we were gutted to have to stop but in the end it was actually quite relaxing not to have to think about it. Sorry it's not quite the same as your case. Hope you get some answers. X

Swimming Jan 24th, 2017 15:59 PM

Thanks for getting back to me! Taking a break from TTC sucks!!!

Just an update for any future readers:

She reviewed my records and said since I just got the vaccine a year ago she would not recommend I get it at this time and my "borderline" immunity may still work. She mentioned that some people don't respond to vaccines, and I was probably one of them. Makes sense because I always have been up to date, but still managed to contract Whooping Cough in college. Crazy

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